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Footloose & Fancy Feasts is a personal chef service, a chef for hire who cooks in your kitchen..I bring everything but the kitchen! You tell me what you want, and I put it all together for you.

I will help with your cooking needs: dinner parties, cookouts, receptions, lessons, meals prepared in advance, out-of-town guests and more. I can help with your Christmas baking, or with other gifts. Host a chocolate tasting!! You and your friends can make your own flavored truffles! Have me make you up a museum concert picnic basket. Might your Bride-To-Be like a cooking lesson shower?

I love long-cooked things, like ribs and pot roast. I also love to saute anything tender enough to let me. I like to use lots of vegetables, some of them noticeable. I am exploring grilling and smoking. I prepare omnivorous and vegetarian meals, and am willing to explore special diets. I am trained in French Classical techniques, with the sauces and the creams and the deliciousness, but I am not blessed with a fast metabolism (or whatever my excuse can be), so I am able to prepare delicious, fulfilling menus with fewer dastardly ingredients. I am quite good with fish, prepared many ways.

My mission is to inspire everyone to become "Locavores" who eat locally grown foods, for all the Life-saving reasons, and because it makes for a healthier, tastier, very satisfying choice! Call me for details! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Listing last updated on Jul 31, 2007

Introductory Offer: 20% off the first service, be it a dinner, home meal replacement (cool term, huh? I didn't make it up), or lesson. Just mention this site and I will make the cut. May the Feast be with you (I did make that one up!)

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