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Forage Market Garden is a one acre vegetable plot located near Ridgefield, Washington that grows for farmers' markets and restaurants. We focus our distribution areas to where we grow (Ridgefield/Vancouver, WA) and where we live (SE and SW Portland).

We follow organic growing practices and never use chemical sprays or amendments on our fields, although we are not currently certified by a third party organization. The land we grow on has only been under cultivation for two years and in that time has never received a synthetic fertilizer, herbicide or insecticide treatment. We intend to keep it that way. To insure our harvests are exceptional, we take time to carefully select seed from local sources, with a focus on flavor and nutrition. We are discriminating eaters and limit our crop selection to only the very best!

We are strong proponents of biodiversity from the soil up. Most of the seeds we use are open-pollinated varieties (free from the constraints of patenting laws, free to enhance genetic diversity for future generations), and we try to offer many vegetables designated by Slow Foods as Arc of Taste varieties for their distinct, irreplaceable qualities.

Real flavor comes from a living system: soil biology, plant species diversity, insects, weather and cultivation practices all play a role in the quality and flavor of vegetables. Our focus is on creating biodiversity on the farm, building soils through cover crops and organic compost, insectary plantings to attract beneficial insects, using weeds as an ally to bring minerals and nutrients up from lower soil horizons and encouraging wildlife habitat and coexistence.


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