Fort Smith Farmer's Market

The Fort Smith Farmer's Market has a variety of authentically home grown, produced,caught and or crafted products. The local vendors from several counties in the area are verified by the market master, a local grower, who operates the market. You will enjoy fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, soaps, jams, jellies, breads, pies, organically grown fresh frozen chicken, oriental vegetables, honey, trees and fabulous local artists. You will often hear local musicians performing on site at various times during the market season. The Market is located on the large parking lot in Downtown Fort Smith at 2nd and Garrison and is open on Tuesday's and Saturday's from 7 a.m. to noon. This is the place to be early on will see folks you haven't seen in years! The Market is open all year on Saturdays with more vendors arriving during the peak season of May- September.

Listing last updated on Apr 27, 2010

The Fort Smith Farmer's Market is operated by local growers from several counties in the River Valley Region and Northwest Arkansas. You can also enjoy the flavors of local Downtown restaurants within walking distance after your shopping trip to the open air Market. The Market is located at the large parking lot at North 2nd & Garrison in Downtown Fort Smith. We are open on Tuesday and Saturday from 7am to noon. Everything sold at this Downtown market is home grown, baked, caught or crafted!

Schedule and Location:

2nd & Garrison in Downtown Fort Smith, AR
Tuesday & Saturday 7am to noon peak season
Saturday only off peak and weather permitting

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Last year was our first year at the market, and it was a wonderful experience. The market is full of farmers, crafters and food vendors that are happy to let you pick their brains! I asked more questions this past year at the market than I ever did in high school! A truly wonderful bunch of people, and better yet, a wonderful community of customers!

Working on a farm is hard work, but all of the labor is worth it when you know that something you grew is going to benefit the health and culinary pleasure of someone in Fort Smith and the surrounding areas. I'll be back again this year for sure!

Farmers Market = Good Food = Fresh, Local, Healthy and Affordable.

Over the last three years I have watched this Farmers Market evolve into becoming a veritable robust market.... [more]

Local tastes better, is healthier, and is better for the local economy. Bring back variety in healthy produce and an enthusiastic group of farmers to the Fort Smith Farmer's Market!

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