All-Black Heirloom Tomato Collection

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All-Black Heirloom Tomato Collection

Once you discover the rich, complex flavor of the "black" tomatoes, your garden will never be without them!

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 6 Black Tomatoes $12.95  Qty:
 Black Cherry $2.50  Qty:
 Black from Tula $2.50  Qty:
 Black Krim $2.50  Qty:
 Black Plum $2.50  Qty:
 Black Prince $2.50  Qty:
 Cherokee Purple $2.50  Qty:
 Chocolate Cherry $2.50  Qty:
 Orange-Fleshed Purple $2.50  Qty:
 Purple Calabash $2.50  Qty:
 Black Seaman$2.50

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 Eva Purple Ball$2.50

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 Paul Robeson$2.50

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Many years ago, when we discovered the Cherokee Purple, it instantly became our favorite tomato in the world. I always tell our customers, "If you could take one tomato to a desert island, this is it!"

The intervening years have seen many new varieties of "black" tomatoes -- they come in many dusky hues of purplish, brick, maroon -- especially as new ones have become available for the first time from Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

The black tomatoes are simply incomparable for their complex, often smokey, flavor. We now grow as many of these varieties as we can, currently including:

Black Cherry

Black from Tula

Black Krim

Black Plum

Black Prince

Black Zebra

Cherokee Purple

Chocolate Cherry

Eva Purple Ball

Paul Robeson

Purple Calabash

You may order the 6-tomato collection, or any of the individual varieties. On a related note, you might also enjoy the spectacular Orange-Fleshed Purple Smudge, a unique midsized tomato with a delicious sweet flavor and true purple color randomly appearing on its yellow-orange skin!

Minimum 20-25 seeds.

Our garden seeds, yarns, and nuts make perfect gifts in synergy with our shared goals of environmental protection, sustainability, and food security.

Consider our wide range of heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds as holiday gifts this year ~ grow your own and promote genetic diversity!

We are a chemical-free, no-kill farm.