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Author Topic: Refrigerating eggs
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  san jose
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Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Wed, Aug 13 '08 at 08:32 UTC)

For two years I lived in Europe and not once did I see eggs under refrigeration. Why do we refrigerate them here in America?

Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Wed, Aug 13 '08 at 03:04 UTC)

It is federal and state law, probably due to the fact the vast majority of eggs raised in the US are from factory farms that are less than sanitary so the eggs are too often contaminated with pathogens coming out of the hens.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
 Double M
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Tue, Aug 19 '08 at 09:16 UTC)

Don't know if you know this...but we check our eggs before we sell them. Put them in a container of water and if they sink they are good and if they float any way, including looking like they have an air pocket in them, then we throw them away. This way we know our eggs are good, and our customers keep coming back for more.

Yes, we have eggs!!!
 Chicken Lady
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Thu, Aug 21 '08 at 10:28 UTC)

I was told that once you refrigerate an egg it changes and then they have to be refrigerated or they will spoil right away. I'm sure it has to do with the shelf life since they like to keep them out for sale for 60 days or 30 days from the warehouse.

Cheryl Westfall
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Thu, Aug 21 '08 at 03:55 UTC)

I had been told that too but it is not true. When I raised hens for eggs and often had 25+dozen in the fridge, some would get taken out and not put back in again. Those eggs did spoil long before eggs that never were cooled but it still took several weeks for it to happen. Nothing like cracking open a spoiled egg in the morning.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
 Ashland, Ohio
Re: I agree w/ Lucy    (Posted Sat, Aug 23 '08 at 07:23 UTC)

I often leave previously refrigerated eggs out and have never had any go bad before I've used them up. (a couple of weeks).


Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Sun, Aug 24 '08 at 07:29 UTC)

the experience i relate most to is my cousin purchasing eggs form the local farmer and letting me know that eggs need not be refrigerated if they are not refrigerated from the outset; otherwise, they will. need refrigeration.yeah.

Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Tue, Sep 23 '08 at 09:54 UTC)

Eggs need not be refrigerated is kept below 70 degrees F. If refrigerated, it is a good idea to keep them dramatic temp changes will cause spoilage at a faster rate.
Eggs will begin to naturally incubate at 80 degrees. That doesn't mean that you'll get a chick, as the temp is too low...but you will get a disgusting mess in a matter of days.

Angela Stanley
Rockgate Farm

Angela G Stanley Rockgate Farm
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Mon, Oct 13 '08 at 11:11 UTC)

I left my store bought eggs out for roughly 18-23 hours after returning from the supermarket and carelessly forgot about putting them away ...are the safe ...I did return them to refrigeration .......I get worried over these kinds of things
Thank You,

 wi wormfarmer
 Plymouth, WI
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Mon, Dec 15 '08 at 10:42 UTC)

I would like some clarification here. We are planning on getting some chicks in the spring to lay eggs for us and some farmers markets. Will the eggs need to be refrigerated after they are laid? We are planning on keeping them in an old milk house, about 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Otherwise we would probably keep them in the fridge in the basement...

Obviously the milk house is cheaper and much more green than the old fridge but I would like to hear from some of you seasoned growers/raisers on this!

 farmer brian
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Tue, Dec 16 '08 at 12:33 UTC)

Im not sure what the laws are in WI, but in Ohio we have to be inspected by the state ($10.00 fee) to sell to retail stores, and by the county health department, they require a mobile food lisc. ($169.00 fee) to sell eggs at a farmers market, that's alot of eggs to sell to make up for the cost of government. And they require them to be refrigerated at 40 degrees at home and at the market.

Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Wed, Dec 17 '08 at 06:21 UTC)

Here is a good site that explains a lot about storing and handling eggs.

We regularly eat unwashed eggs that have been stored for up to 2 weeks at room temperature without any problems. But we collect them daily so we know they're fresh to begin with, mark them with the collection date in pencil, and don't sell them. If you're interested in selling them, you typically have to jump through a number of washing and refrigeration hoops, at least if you want to comply with state (and federal?) laws.

Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Thu, Feb 19 '09 at 12:40 UTC)

I don't refrigerate my eggs and I haven't had a bad one yet. But then again I have fresh eggs from my chickens.

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Fertilized Chicken Eggs for Sale|Chicken Egg Incubators
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Thu, Feb 19 '09 at 05:50 UTC)

As far as I know here in Delaware it is legal to sell eggs from the farm . We always put the date on our eggs as soon as we fill the carton . We have found some renegade hens who hid a clutch and tested them by putting them in water to see if any floated . We also always put those aside for home use and crack them into a separate cup before adding them into a recipe . We do refriderate the eggs . We also hatch our own chicks and those eggs are not refrigerated . We just wash them if they are dirty. We collect them for up to 7 days then put them in the incubator . We used to take the turkey eggs and hatch them but now we let the birds do the hatching and raising. It is a lot easier. I hope this helps :)Sharon

Sharon Carson
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Thu, Feb 19 '09 at 09:18 UTC)

Same in texas too, legal sell birds or eggs from home or farmers market or anyone that will buy them. have to them tested and reg. with state dept of ag. but they said it was legal to sell eggs, chick or birds just haveyour card on ya, with out any thing else (to sell prepared food you to go to health dept.) I never have refrigerated our eggs in 20 yrs. just keep cool and out of bright light or away from oven/stove. You can do this with boiled eggs to. Just think the pioneers didn't have a fridge much less electricity. But once you put in the box I'ld leave em they do go faster when child then warmed the chilled,ect. But mine usally don't sit long. longest i kept any was 2 weeks and you couldn't tell em from ones that where 4 or 5 days old taste wise.

Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Fri, Mar 13 '09 at 07:03 UTC)

Does anyone know how long fertile eggs last before there are no good to hatch?

Do you have to put them in a refrigerater?

Fertilized Chicken Eggs for Sale|Chicken Egg Incubators
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Sat, Mar 14 '09 at 01:10 UTC)

Fertile eggs have a 10 day window....Kept at temps below 70 degrees, and turned regularly before being put into the incubator.
The longer you wait, the lower the hatchability rate will be. I never keep eggs longer then four days before putting them in the incubator. Turning them is vital, so don't forget.

Whether to refrigerate or not....that's an on-going debate. I say "no", but some say "yes". The egg will remain dormant until it reaches 80 plus degrees....but I worry about damaging the embryo by getting the temp too low.

Good luck!

Angela G Stanley Rockgate Farm
Re: Refrigerating eggs    (Posted Sat, Mar 14 '09 at 01:20 UTC)

thank you for your information this will definitely help me.

Fertilized Chicken Eggs for Sale|Chicken Egg Incubators
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