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Author Topic: acres per pig on pasture
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acres per pig on pasture    (Posted Tue, Oct 6 '09 at 05:52 UTC)

I am planning on buying a couple of pigs to raise on pasture next spring and more from there. How many pigs per acre are recommended to be successful?

 Antaya Acres
Re: acres per pig on pasture    (Posted Wed, Oct 28 '09 at 04:40 UTC)

We raise Large Blacks, Tamworths, and Gloucestershire Old Spots on pasture in MI. 10 adult pigs per acres seems to be the concensus, but we prefer 6-7. With 6-7 plus their offspring you will have very little issue with pasture damage as long as you are rotating pastures regularly. There are exceptions..we have a Tamworth sow who can't resist the urge to hunt grubs and worms if it rains for two straight days...they are still pigs, but they are excellent grazers and pasture dwellers. Hope that helps!

Brett & Steph Antaya Acres Heritage Farm
Re: acres per pig on pasture    (Posted Wed, Aug 10 '11 at 03:14 UTC)

How often do you have to rotate them? Also do you have any idea how much your feed requirements have been reduced by pasturing?

I'm currently raising 2 Hereford gilts in Michigan also.

Re: acres per pig on pasture    (Posted Tue, Oct 4 '11 at 03:47 UTC)

I have 9 Berk/duroc cross pigs on about 1 acre. This year I mainly allowed them to only use 1/3 of the acreage as I wanted to clear and re-establish pasture there. I rotated them for 2 1/2 moths every week, really allowing the ground to dictate when I needed to move them. It was a great process, allowing the ground to recover in six weeks before they were back to the same pen.

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