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Author Topic: natural trimming?
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natural trimming?    (Posted Mon, Mar 24 '08 at 07:25 UTC)

I have been a farrier for over twenty years, hoof trimming is the best tool for taking care of horses, but what is this charging extra for doing what is right?, of course a horse can go barefoot more than what people think, just like you can also. some can ,some can't. depends on who and how they are ridden.(and where) I would wear out a set of toed and healed shoes in three weeks, working in the mountains, daily rides over twenty miles, but never shod my horse most of the year. most PEOPLE of the world can go barefoot and save a lot on shoes.
Selling the idea that natural trimming is better, therefore you have to pay more for it is like teaching you to wash your hands to stay healthy and paying the doctor for the privelage. Where is your 'horse sense'?

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Re: natural trimming?    (Posted Mon, Jan 12 '09 at 05:16 UTC)

I have no interest in getting into a heated debate, but here's my take on natural trimming. It is more than a name or title; it's a different way of trimming barefoot. I believe that how horses hooves are trimmed has a whole lot to do with them being able to go barefoot or not.

In the case of my horse, his hooves wouldn't hold a shoe and even after years of being barefoot, he still wasn't sound over a hard-packed dirt or clay road and certainly not over gravel. After approximately two months of natural trimming he was showing a great improvement. He's now been totally sound for well over a year and I don't regret switching to a natural trimmer at all. He moves better as well...collection and extension are much easier for him and his back has gotten stronger.

I also have a friend who's old jumper gelding had always had to wear shoes and could never be sound barefoot. When she finally decided to give natural trimming a shot, he was sound barefoot in just a few months and she was amazed.

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Re: natural trimming?    (Posted Mon, Jan 12 '09 at 05:24 UTC)

I agree, a "naturally trim" is very different from just "not using shoes". I began trimming my own horses a few years ago, then actually got educated on the proper tecniquics, and the functions of a hoof. If one really understand "how" a HEALTHY hoof operates, then one would probably more easily understand why metal shoe are bad.

Re: natural trimming?    (Posted Thu, Jan 15 '09 at 10:07 UTC)

Hi there,
I have a question for those of you who have gone barefoot with your horses. Have you evaluated the cost difference between shod vs. bare and that includes farrier, vet costs, meds, feed, trims and boots, etc. and if you have, what have you found?
Just curious to know how people view this.

There is a huge difference in a "pasture trim" and letting the horse have the winter off, etc. and a good natural barefoot trim.
The proof is in the hoof

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Re: natural trimming?    (Posted Mon, Jan 26 '09 at 09:51 UTC)

I love my horses and most times they go barefoot, one does get soft hooves and on occasion has to be shod due to the gravel in my area. My farrier is young but good and ask in advance what I am going to be doing in between times. If riding to gather cows or pleasure he makes sure they are sound and clips and angles for it, but if they will be pastured and only trained he makes adjustments. My vet sees no problem and has not cost me anything on this. If a ferrier insist you have to shoe a horse then to me he does not know what he is doing it is all in an angle that the hoof is put at as to if the horse can walk or run comfortable. As to paying more for the fancy title natural trimming, how dumb can some people be when it comes to their horses. My ferrier charges more if the horse has to be sadated or tries to hurt him and this I understand.

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Re: natural trimming?    (Posted Fri, Feb 13 '09 at 10:01 UTC)

well i can tell you about "natural trimming" been shoeing horses for 20 yrs very pro trim i always let my horses go bare foot when ever possible great for the horse no question. most horses i do are upper level dressage and jumpers in the ring working 4 to 5 days a week bare foot not a chance in hell ! last year alone i had about 20 horses that i let go or the customer switched because i was to busy to a "natural trimmer" they were all bare foot when i was doing them. they all have shoes on now 6 of them were so lame i could not even put shoes on them 4 of the horses absessed BAD. so what do i think of natural trimming ? NOT MUCH!! just learn how to trim a horse correct its not rocket science. but i must say it has been good for business i am now doing all those horses again and have shoe on about 15 of the

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