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Author Topic: drafts
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drafts    (Posted Thu, Jun 28 '07 at 02:55 UTC)

Does anyone out there have experience working with Percherons or Shires? What is their disposition? Are they easy to work with? Confirmation problems? I know many people prefer Belgians for field work but I would like to try a different breed. I've worked with and trained light horses but not drafters. Thanks!

deb arends
Re: drafts    (Posted Sat, Oct 27 '07 at 01:11 UTC)

Guess it depends on what you want to do.
The drafts as a whole tend to be pretty laid back. Reason being a rogue horse at twice the weight of a regular horse is 4x as dangerous. They will usually quickly be done away with one way or another. If you want to try your hand at driving find a an experience team of senior citizens. I know at this point in my life I'd love a pair that won't cut the hard work on an Amish farm but for the few things I need that power for an old age pensioner would be more than up to the job of twitching a few logs or plowing a small field.

Horses breed for hitch wagons generally tend to be a touch hotter. People want to see that high step and flair. Horses that did a lot of contest pulling hit the collar with a ton of power and an inexperienced person on the lines is going to become a pull toy or worse. High stepping doesn't do a thing for work. Wastes energy. Ripping the drivers arms out of his sockets is counter productive too.

The individual temperament matters more than the breed.

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