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Author Topic: Farm apprenticeship in Georgia
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  Farmers Fresh
  Carrollton, Ga.
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Farm apprenticeship in Georgia    (Posted Thu, Nov 29 '12 at 01:12 UTC)

Learn sustainable farming in the American Southeast at Crager Hager Farm. We are offering a full time apprenticeship for February-November 2013 and part time during May-July. Crager Hager Farm is a fruit and vegetable farm in Carroll County Georgia. We are Certified Naturally Grown and working to restore old farm land. We sell direct and wholesale, are very involved in the local food revolution and working to get off the dead dinosaur diet. Apprentices will learn all aspects of sustainable farming. Find out more about our farm and the apprenticeships at

Re: Farm apprenticeship in Georgia    (Posted Wed, Dec 12 '12 at 12:55 UTC)

I refuse to compromise my soul, and hard work for any money greedy corporations, so i only want to do farm work, any type of farm work really, because that's something that i can do happily while knowing that i am helping people. i am a very hard worker, i am open to learning as much as i can, and i specialize in plant physiology, i am familiar with essential macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients plants need and overall plant care.

mother natures son.
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