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Author Topic: Seeking an internship/job...
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  Olivia G
  Boone, NC
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Seeking an internship/job...    (Posted Fri, Nov 30 '12 at 02:13 UTC)

We have a common dream to buy land, build a home and sustain our family from the land we reside on. We are currently seeking to work with an organic farm in the mountain range area of the North Carolina / Tennessee border to learn the in's and out's, if you will, of this process.

We would like to work with someone long term and be a part of the daily routine from seed to harvest. The ideal farm would incorporate the following:

Organic procedures
Year round production via greenhouse
Bees (for income)
Flowers (for income)
Possibly specialty items (mushrooms, medicinal herbs, hops, etc.)

We would also like to work with a farm that produces homemade items for income; soaps, cleaning, medicinal herbs, canning, etc. and possibly is off the grid (or working towards it and selling back) with passive and active solar heating, wind generators, micro-hydro electric and alternative and green building practices.

We recently bought an RV and have made it our home, therefor, it would best suit us to find someone with land that we could set our RV on and hookup as opposed to residing in a home/cabin on the property. We are quite comfortable in the RV and plan to live in it while we build our home. We are not seeking a communal community.

My fiance' is a merchant marine and works a schedule of a 3 week on/ 3 week off rotation and would only be able to donate his time off to the farm. I, however, have full availability and would like to indulge myself into the farm. Combined we have skills in gardening, basic carpentry, mechanical, marketing, office, sales, cooking, patience and the desire to learn. In addition, we would need monthly stipend to be determined with my full availability and his which can be discussed due to his work schedule.

We are open to creative ideas and look forward to hearing more about possible opportunities.

Thank you!

Re: Seeking an internship/job...    (Posted Thu, Dec 27 '12 at 10:35 UTC)

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