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Author Topic: Hospitality Manager Job Posting
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  D Acres of NH
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Hospitality Manager Job Posting    (Posted Tue, Dec 4 '12 at 07:18 UTC)

D Acres of NH operates a lodging and accommodations business as a means to generate revenue and offer an educational overnight stay to travelers from around the world. The main community building houses three private rooms and one shared room with a carpeted floor. We also offer onsite camping on both platforms and grassy open fields. All guests have access to a shared bath both indoors and outdoors. For an additional cost, guests are encouraged to enjoy our organic farm fresh breakfast or dinner made with ingredients grown on the farm. Responsibilities of the Hospitality Manager:

- Maintain reservation system for bookings and meals

- Supervision and implementation of meals for guests

- Optimize online booking services

- Supervision and implementation of room cleanliness and maintenance

- Amplify bookings, especially in the off season with focus on diversification and four season clientele

Reservations, changing over bed linens, meal preparation, and checking in and out of guests are shared tasks among the residents living at D Acres. The job of the Hospitality Manager is to ensure these tasks are carried forward. A stipend is available for this position, as well as room and board (accommodations vary due to availability). This person will be expected to spend approximately 10-20 hours per week in hospitality management. In exchange for a stpend the hospitality manager is expected to function as a D Acres staff member. Above and beyond hospitality responsibilities, staff duties include general farm operations and administrative tasks. For more information and to apply, please contact or call 603-786-2366.

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