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Author Topic: Wanted: Paid FT Position
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  Laurel Highlands PA
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Wanted: Paid FT Position    (Posted Tue, Dec 11 '12 at 12:15 UTC)

Greetings !! Due to our farm lease not being renewed for 2013, I'm looking for some farm work, preferably on an organic farm (doesn't have to be certified, just practicing methods) in Pennsylvania. I have 3 years of recent experience as a crew chief on an organic CSA in PA, running my own small farm for the past year, vending at farmers markets and off farm sales etc, and in addition I grew up working a dairy farm, mostly hay work, I have basic mechanic, carpentry, electric skills, and am no stranger to long days outdoors in all kinds of weather. I'd like to find a farm that is more diverse than a vegetable CSA / farmers market stand, not that there's anything wrong with growing vegetables, just that I'm interested in multiple farm enterprises and how they are incorporated as part of a successful farm plan. I'd like to learn more about beef cattle, fruit orchards etc, goat dairy, cheesemaking, winemaking, apiaries etc,... Email me with your work openings and I'll send on my resume, references etc and more information about myself. I'm in my 30's, well past any youthful shenanigans, and am focused solely on the skills and experiences that will further my agricultural knowledge, so I can one day run a farm of my own.

My requirements:
- That the work be year round, or have potential to be year round
- Housing for 2 adults, 1 small dog (50lbs or less) available (included as part of salary, or rented) if possible. Also, if there's a home to rent nearby that is affordable, that would be great too.
- A Fair wage. I do not want to "intern" for $100/week at 50 hours. Been there, done that, I'm more experienced and valuable to your farm than $2/hr.
- Organic, sustainable, IPM, close to organic, certified organic, grass fed, operations are preferred, but no reasonable offer refused.

Finally, I am willing to move out of Pennsylvania to nearby states, MD, VA, OH, NY etc.

 Waverly Farms
Re: Wanted: Paid FT Position    (Posted Sat, Jan 5 '13 at 12:34 UTC)

I'm looking for a CSA/Garden manager for our integrated 235-acre farm in Burkeville, VA, just 50 minutes from Richmond, VA. Our CSA/Garden manager is leaving at the end of January, and I'm thinking of taking a year off unless I find the right partner soon. We have gardens, lots of animals (goats, cows, llamas, chickens, pigs, horses) and everything a grower would need to be successful, including tractors, implements, walk-in cooler, vegetable cleaning and packing shed, wells, irrigation equipment, on-farm compost and manure, a business plan, housing, a growing plan, and devoted farm owners who will do all the business, finance, payroll, sales and marketing functions. We are headed toward organic certification and never use harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth hormones, preventive antibiotics, preservatives. We currently sell vegetables, herbs, strawberries, garlic, honey, goat cheese, goat meat, pastured beef, pork and goat, and breeding goats and pigs. Our three horses are an important part of our integrated pasture rotation management, and a hoot to ride on trails through ours and neighboring woods. Please contact Patti at 214-914-0323 or with resume and references. For more information about our farm, go to

Waverly Farms serves Farmville, Blackstone, Crewe, Burkeville, Amelia, Richmond and communities west of Richmond and surrounding communities with safe, sustainable, great tasting food.
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