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Author Topic: CSA/Garden Manager Virginia
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  Waverly Farms
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CSA/Garden Manager Virginia    (Posted Sat, Jan 5 '13 at 12:21 UTC)

We are looking for a partner who will grow our CSA and vegetable/fruit garden. We have a good growing plan, mature and new gardens on a 235-acre integrated farm that never uses pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth hormones, preventive antibiotics or other potentially harmful chemicals. We currently sell vegetables/melons, some fruit, raw honey, pastured eggs, beef, pork and goat meat, goat cheese and other farm products. Land, equipment, funding, business and marketing assistance, additional labor are all available to help our partner grow a life and business in gardening and farming. Call Patti at 214-914-0323 or email if you'd like to apply. For more information about our farm, go to Thank you!

Waverly Farms serves Farmville, Blackstone, Crewe, Burkeville, Amelia, Richmond and communities west of Richmond and surrounding communities with safe, sustainable, great tasting food.
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