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Author Topic: Iowa Urban Herb Farm Help Sought
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  Destiny's Herbs
  Cedar Rapids
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Iowa Urban Herb Farm Help Sought    (Posted Fri, Feb 8 '13 at 06:32 UTC)

We're looking for a few people willing to volunteer their time or work for a small stipend in our organic herb farm. We are very small scale and just getting re-established, but as part of the exchange we can offer you experience and education in culinary and some medicinal herbs, edible blossoms, sheet mulching, french intensive gardening and foraging wild foods. We may be able to offer room and meals on a short term basis (1-2 weeks at a time, one helper only).

We have recently joined forces with the Urban Farm in our area and are hoping this is a turning point for us! We will vend at farmers' markets and have a few restaurant accounts that we deliver twice weekly.

Tasks will include harvesting, planting, weeding, mulching, preparing for deliveries and shareholders (once a week) and other tasks, just a few hours a day, weekends free unless we head to farmers' market (one Saturday a month).

You can request more info here or email Destinys.Garden.

We had a few great helpers last year and we all learned a lot from each other. Willing to barter, too -- produce, haircuts, paintings...

The best herbs, edible blossoms, heirlooms & wild foods.
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