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Author Topic: 2013 Farm Apprenticeships in Colorado
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2013 Farm Apprenticeships in Colorado    (Posted Mon, Feb 18 '13 at 09:59 UTC)

Seeking Apprentices for the 2013 Season!

Our family farm is centered on 5.5 acres in Peach Valley, Colorado, about 4 miles west of New Castle and 150 miles west of Denver, at 5500 feet in the Colorado River drainage of the central Rockies. We have lived here since 1980 and have always gardened it organically. Soil health is accomplished through crop rotations, green manure crops, homeopathic preparations, and flocks of chickens and turkeys. Labor is done primarily by hand, with the help of small tractors and tillers. We also lease other nearby acres of land and orchards that have been without chemical inputs for over 20 years. The farm also includes underground irrigation, 4000 square feet of cold frame/hoop house space, barn area, a small pond, access to public land, and beautiful scenery.

The farm work of this apprenticeship could involve planting, weeding, cultivating, transplanting, pruning, irrigating, harvesting, packing weekly CSA* shares, delivering, and participating in the weekly Farmer?s Market. Animal care, light construction & repair, record keeping, food preservation, and computer work are also possible duties. The apprentice needs to understand that farming is hard work, with uncertain hours, and adverse conditions. Western Colorado summers usually are beautiful, but can be very hot and dry during the day and cool at night. Taking stock of any health problems or allergies is important. A typical week begins Monday evening and ends Saturday afternoon, and we are usually busy from sunup to sundown, but we try also to take time for enjoyment of Life and the Seasons. We feel we provide a positive learning experience in a diverse agricultural operation which would allow the apprentice a well rounded view of small scale family oriented CSA farming, in a beautiful area of the Rocky Mountains.

Apprentices who commit to the full season (Mar-Oct) will be provided with apartment room (w/bathroom) and board (farm fresh, all organic): value of $650-$750/mo. Also included is a stipend of $400-$500/mo (DOE), and some personal items. Total value per month would range between $1250-$1400. Commitments of less than 3 mos. are provided room and board only. Specialty food items, telephone calls, and personal trips are the responsibility of the apprentice.

If the operation and work described herein interests you, we?d love to hear from you! Candidates are required to complete the Application Questionnaire found on our website. There may be other areas we have not addressed about which you may have further questions. Please feel free to inquire. Thank you! -Ken and Gail Kuhns

E-MAIL: See website or call for more details
PHONE: (970) 876-2850

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