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Author Topic: Sankanac CSA Seeks Garden Apprentice
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Sankanac CSA Seeks Garden Apprentice    (Posted Tue, Jan 21 '14 at 03:44 UTC)

Sankanac CSA Seeks CSA Apprentice
Kimberton, PA

About Sankanac CSA
Kimberton Hills is proud to be a part of the new North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program. We offer the opportunity for aspiring agrarians to gain experience in biodynamic, organic, and sustainable methods of agriculture and land stewardship in a social therapeutic setting together with adults with developmental disabilities.

At Kimberton Hills we believe that the health of land and people are deeply interdependent. In that spirit, we practice biodynamic agriculture, which begins with the best organic practices and incorporates a view of the land as a living organism.

Our 12 acre biodynamic garden operates as a 235 member CSA. In the garden we grow a diverse seasonal mix of vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruits and also tend a small livestock herd including feeder pigs. Our head gardener Todd Newlin oversees this enterprise with a crew of about 10 people (including villagers, apprentices, service volunteers, and interns). We are deeply committed to the use of biodynamic methods, which allows us to strengthen our fragile ecosystem as well as provide food of the highest quality to our local community. Activities in the CSA include plant propagation, greenhouse management, pruning, crop cultivation, harvesting, tractor and equipment operation and maintenance, irrigation, livestock management, composting, making and using the biodynamic preparations. We also have and use a team of draft horses, and apprentices may be taught how to handle and work with the horses as well. Apprentices also participate in some administrative aspects of preparing, planning, and running the CSA operation.

The Apprenticeship
Apprentices receive intensive on the job training (including working with draft horses) by working alongside mentor farmers. We participate in the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP). For more information please go to We rely on apprentices to be self-directed in their learning endeavors, but are committed to supporting the learning process by offering some theoretical training opportunities as well. During the quieter season months apprentices receive some theoretical foundation in biodynamic and organic agriculture through regular mentor sessions, planning meetings, and ongoing agrarian and anthroposophical study groups. Apprentices are given the opportunity to attend the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture conference and the apprentices who chose to participate in the NABDAP program take a two week intensive training at the Nature Institute in Hawthorn Valley, NY.

Garden Apprentices receive strong ?hands on? training by working alongside experienced mentor farmers. In addition they receive a solid theoretical foundation in biodynamic and organic agriculture through a two week long ?Winter Intensive? study at the Nature Institute and Hawthorn Valley in NY state, weekly tutorials and planning meetings, farm tours, and ongoing agrarian and anthroposophical study groups throughout the year.

To Apply

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