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Author Topic: seeking a Farm Manager
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seeking a Farm Manager    (Posted Fri, Jan 24 '14 at 06:25 UTC)

We are seeking a dynamic farm manager to
support a broad range of activities on our farm in Baltimore, MD. The Farm Manager will be responsible for staff and volunteer management, farm operation, seasonal planning, and general farm maintenance.
For additional information please email us at

Re: seeking a Farm Manager    (Posted Tue, Feb 18 '14 at 03:40 UTC)

I grew up on small farms, both my grandparents owned farms and I worked on others as well. My wife has a green thumb and loves gardening & animals. We're both in our early 50's, last year I was a sternman also for the season so I worked 12 hr days, very physical and demanding, but I stuck it out because I made a commitment with the captain. For the past year my wife & I have been a caregiver for a 90 yr old widow at church here in Pownal, here name is Ms. Josephine Allen 207-688-6525. I also was a Lobster Sternman with Mr. Tim Nickerson 207-776-9327. Both would be happy to give us a reference on personalities, work ethics and characters. The reason we are looking elsewhere is we?ve been with Josephine for almost a year and this is a non-paying position and with our duties it?s a full time job for both of us. The family doesn?t want to spend any money on a caregiver for their mother, so it is what it is. She is a great woman, but we need to look for other avenues because of lack of income. I should mention that she is wheelchair bound, I pick her up and dance with her to and from her chair, she loves it! We take care of everything, cooking, house cleaning, changing her bed, washing, showering her, and getting her ready for church, we do it all, and with a smile. I?m sure you get that when you speak with Josephine. We hope you take the time to call theses reference, we have plenty more if you need them, but since these two are employers they can give you insight on our work ethics, and personalities. I have been in management most of my life when I got off the farm, doing corporate sales of consumer products. WE are looking for a long term opportunity on a farm, and look forward to hearing from you, Kyle & Michelle
My email is: kylecoon4

Christian Couple presently are caregiver's for 90 yr old widow from Church. Looking for a widow, or couple with a small farm that would be interested in us as running your farm for room & board and small stipites.
 Lucy Fitzgerald
Re: seeking a Farm Manager    (Posted Tue, Feb 25 '14 at 08:50 UTC)

Good job. If near you, I'll register :)

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