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Author Topic: Livestock Manager Position at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine (F/T, Year-round)
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  Wolfe's Neck Farm
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Livestock Manager Position at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine (F/T, Year-round)    (Posted Thu, Feb 13 '14 at 08:01 UTC)

Job Posting
Livestock Manager

Position Summary
A pioneer in sustainable agriculture since the 1960s, Wolfe?s Neck Farm (WNF) is a Freeport-based nonprofit agricultural campus close to the greater Portland metro area, set on 626-acres of incredible beauty, consisting of a unique mix of ecological systems: forest, marsh, pasture lands and four miles of coastline. Our programs focus on connecting people all ages with sustainable agriculture. Thousands of people are attracted annually to the farm for programs and events where they learn about sustainable farming, gain a greater understanding of where their food comes from, and how they can be more active participants in the food system. Integral to the Wolfe?s Neck Farm experience is interaction with our diverse array of pasture-raised animals.
Wolfe?s Neck Farm has an ambitious vision and the Livestock program will play a critical role in helping realize that vision. Livestock programs at Wolfe?s Neck Farm are focused on providing the public with a source of sustainably-raised meat, exposing people of all ages to farm animals and as a basis for research, education, training and inspiring and supporting the next generation of farmers.

The Livestock Manager will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of an integrated, diverse, pasture-based livestock program at Wolfe?s Neck Farm. The Livestock Manager will be responsible for the care, management and health of all livestock. The Livestock Manager will work alongside the Farm Operations Manager to oversee the condition of all livestock facilities, the condition of all grazing infrastructure, and the quality and supply of all forage/feed.

Primary Responsibilities
? Provide effective leadership and management of all current and future livestock programs, ensuring the highest quality care is provided to all animals at all times
? Develop and manage the Agriculture budget and oversee marketing and sales of animals and animal products
? Ensure effective management of livestock-related partnerships
? Manage herd health and performance; maintain accurate records
? Assist in the management and maintenance of grazing infrastructure, including pastures, water systems, travel lanes, and fencing
? Effectively supervise seasonal staff and recruit and train volunteers in daily animal-related chores and animal management as needed and as appropriate
? Seek out training opportunities, including workshops, conferences, visits to area farms, etc.
? Develop relationships with local farmers, food producers, community members, and organizations that will help support WNF and the surrounding community
? Assist with Education Programs as needed and appropriate, particularly through interactions Education Programs staff including Teen Ag Crew
? Attend and participate in Farm and Community events as needed an as appropriate
? Serve actively on the Ag Team and Agriculture Committee

Skills and Qualifications
? Three plus years of hands-on experience in pasture-based livestock management and care, particularly grass-fed beef and dairy cows. Knowledge of organic principles is highly desirable.
? Experience with overseeing the health of livestock including all aspects of animal husbandry, including breeding and birth.
? A strong interest in and knowledge of the food system, sustainable agriculture, and the natural environment.
? Strong desire to be part of a dynamic, entrepreneurial work environment and a growing non-profit organization
? Strong interpersonal skills and public communication abilities including excellent writing and computer skills, including MS Excel
? Strong organizational abilities, time management skills and ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects.
? Strong commitment to education and working within the local community and people of all ages
? Ability to work well independently, as a member of a high functioning team and developing effective working relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds
? Ability to work well under pressure
? Basic carpentry skills and enthusiasm to improve them
? Proficiency to operate tractors and other mechanical equipment routinely used in farming
? Energetic, dynamic and engaging personality
? Current First Aid and CPR certification
? Bachelor?s degree related to Sustainable Agriculture or Livestock Management is desired but not required
? Must be able to work a variable work schedule, which includes work on weekends and holidays

Physical Requirements
? Requires ability to operate and provide basic service of equipment used in farming.
? Requires ability to sit at computer for several hours at a time
? Ability to lift 30+ pounds.
? Ability to withstand prolonged exposure to variable weather conditions

The Livestock Manager is a full-time, year round, exempt position. Starting salary is commensurate with experience. As a full time employee the Livestock Manager is eligible for benefits offered by Wolfe?s Neck Farm, including: health insurance, dental insurance, paid vacation and holidays and our retirement savings plan. Onsite housing may be available.
To Apply
Please email a cover letter and resume to with Livestock Manager as the subject line. In the interest of reducing waste, please do not mail a hard copy of your materials. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply ASAP. No phone calls please. Position posted 1/31/14.
Wolfe?s Neck Farm Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in the workplace.

A 626 acre sustainable nonprofit farm on 4 miles of oceanfront in beautiful Freeport, Maine.
Re: Livestock Manager Position at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine (F/T, Year-round)    (Posted Tue, Feb 18 '14 at 03:41 UTC)

I grew up on small farms, both my grandparents owned farms and I worked on others as well. My wife has a green thumb and loves gardening & animals. We're both in our early 50's, last year I was a sternman also for the season so I worked 12 hr days, very physical and demanding, but I stuck it out because I made a commitment with the captain. For the past year my wife & I have been a caregiver for a 90 yr old widow at church here in Pownal, here name is Ms. Josephine Allen 207-688-6525. I also was a Lobster Sternman with Mr. Tim Nickerson 207-776-9327. Both would be happy to give us a reference on personalities, work ethics and characters. The reason we are looking elsewhere is we?ve been with Josephine for almost a year and this is a non-paying position and with our duties it?s a full time job for both of us. The family doesn?t want to spend any money on a caregiver for their mother, so it is what it is. She is a great woman, but we need to look for other avenues because of lack of income. I should mention that she is wheelchair bound, I pick her up and dance with her to and from her chair, she loves it! We take care of everything, cooking, house cleaning, changing her bed, washing, showering her, and getting her ready for church, we do it all, and with a smile. I?m sure you get that when you speak with Josephine. We hope you take the time to call theses reference, we have plenty more if you need them, but since these two are employers they can give you insight on our work ethics, and personalities. I have been in management most of my life when I got off the farm, doing corporate sales of consumer products. WE are looking for a long term opportunity on a farm, and look forward to hearing from you, Kyle & Michelle

Christian Couple presently are caregiver's for 90 yr old widow from Church. Looking for a widow, or couple with a small farm that would be interested in us as running your farm for room & board and small stipites.
Re: Livestock Manager Position at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine (F/T, Year-round)    (Posted Tue, Feb 18 '14 at 06:12 UTC)

Did you email a cover letter and reply to the company, or did you just post here and assume they will get in touch with you?

Catering to the unique Ferndale perspective.
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