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Author Topic: Married Couple, looking for farm & garden position in Maine
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Married Couple, looking for farm & garden position in Maine    (Posted Sun, Feb 23 '14 at 04:19 UTC)

We are a married couple, extremely honest with excellent reference, looking for farm & garden work, willing to make a year commitment. Husband grew up on two farms, wife has the ?green thumb?, plants thrive by her tough and she knows them all by name. She is a licensed esthetician; this is where she gets her creativity putting beautiful flower arrangements together, she also has an excellent driving record to do farm markets, with an emphasis on presentation, personality, which will increase sales. Husband works long hours in any weather conditions for extended periods of time. He fished as a Sternman lifting upwards of 20k pounds (traps) per-day. His education is in sales & marketing, very computer literate, with EDI & retail link experience merchandising to all major chain stores. For the past ten months we have been a caregiver for a 90 year old widow from church, only reason we are looking for other work is because this is a non-paying position and it?s a 24/7 job. But we love her dearly and she will give you a reference on us. If she owned a farm, we?d never leave. We both are energetic, having superior work ethic?s, you?ll confirm this with our past employer references. If you have any additional questions, please email us. Thank You

Christian Couple presently are caregiver's for 90 yr old widow from Church. Looking for a widow, or couple with a small farm that would be interested in us as running your farm for room & board and small stipites.
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