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Author Topic: Texas - Seeking Work Trade Farm Opportunity. Thank You!
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  Dallas For Worth
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Texas - Seeking Work Trade Farm Opportunity. Thank You!    (Posted Mon, Mar 10 '14 at 08:30 UTC)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jenny. I am moving to Texas the 3rd week in March, 2014. I am keen to find a work trade opportunity as early as possible on a farm with in an 80-mile radius of the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

Ideally I'm looking for an established farm with a safe, inspiring environment and people that are friendly. My preference is for a part-time work exchange that lasts 3 weeks to a month, maybe longer if the arrangements are working well. We can discuss your needs & commitment requirements.

I am open to a variety of work possibilities and different kinds of farms. I have experience with Dairy farms in New Zealand, Organic vegetable farms in California & Oregon. I love animals and generally do well with them. I'm flexible and willing to do a variety of farm related tasks. In addition, I also have a myriad of skills that may be of use:

* Food & Health: Food prep & recipe creations around: Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food, Dehydrated Foods, Ayurvedic, Fermented Foods, Juicing & Cleansing.
* Admin. & Office Work
* Customer Service & Sales Support
* Social Media
* Data Entry /Typing
* Computer & Tech Support
* Writing & Editing
* Research & Reporting
* Photography
* Event Planning & Scheduling

If you have a farm, I?d love to speak to you. Or if anyone has leads, please don?t hesitate to pass them along.

Thank you in advance for your time.



Re: Texas - Seeking Work Trade Farm Opportunity. Thank You!    (Posted Thu, Apr 10 '14 at 04:57 UTC)

Hello: I would like to chat with you. Please e-mail me at or try IM as I'm usually online when at home.

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