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Author Topic: Seeking intern in New Hampshire
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Seeking intern in New Hampshire    (Posted Fri, Mar 14 '14 at 08:59 UTC)

Alice & Trauger Groh, the owners of the Groh Farm in Wilton, NH have asked me, Steve Brissette, to revitalize their thirty-??seven acre farm back
into a self-?sustaining farm organism. Using Bio Dynamic farming methods, this year we plan to grow an acre of organic sweet corn along
with other common vegetables. We are also going to add some sheep
and pigs to the cows and chickens we already have. We have two greenhouses, a nice Kubota tractor with the proper attachments, a
barn and equipment shed.

I am seeking a hard working, self-?motivated intern who would like to take
part in bringing the Groh Farm back to its productive days. The Intern will
participate in all aspects of the farm and it will not only be a good opportunity to learn about the daily operations, the Intern will also see how a neglected farm is brought back to life. This is a full season opportunity with strong possibilities of staying on after the season for the
right individual. There is housing available and a monthly stipend of five
hundred dollars will be paid. Some meals will be provided and the Intern
will have access to the farm?s produce. I will need the Intern to start by May first and stay a minimal of four months.

Interested parties should send a resume and letter of interest to Steve
Brissette via vradvntrs2.

Trauger Groh, along with two other farmers in this area, started the first
CSA farm in North America (the Temple-??Wilton Community farm which
is still running and with whom we are in close contact). Trauger also wrote
two books on the CSA concept: Farms of Tomorrow: Community Support
Farms, Farm Supported Communities (out of print) and Farms of Tomorrow Revisited (available from Trauger is now 81
years old and lives with his wife Alice on the farm.

Re: Seeking intern in New Hampshire    (Posted Fri, Mar 14 '14 at 04:08 UTC)

At least you are paying them something.

Catering to the unique Ferndale perspective.
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