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Author Topic: Apprenticeship Position on a Diversified Permaculture Farm in Oregon
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Apprenticeship Position on a Diversified Permaculture Farm in Oregon    (Posted Wed, Apr 30 '14 at 07:48 UTC)

Boondockers Sustainable Farming Internship Program is a unique opportunity for future farmers to get training in sustainable farming. Four to six interns join the Boondockers family for at least three months, to live, learn, work, and play.
Interns work in the mornings helping out in the fields, in the farmers markets, and with special projects. We aim to involve interns in as many aspects of farm work as possible to build a breadth of experience. Requirements are typically 32 hours a week. Some of that time will be spent learning about farming but much of the education comes from hands on experience. Housing is shared, we have some shared rooms and some private, sometimes private bath is available. Meals are shared, snacks and staples are always available. Typically we will work from 8 am to 4, 4 days per week.
Farm work includes:
? greenhouse construction
? irrigation systems
? planting/seeding, weeding, hoeing, and competition control
? harvesting fruits and vegetables, preservation, jam, canning
? caring for egg-laying chickens and chicks, ducks and ducklings (including incubation/hatching)
? poultry processing
? practicing rotational grazing of poultry, pigs, and cows
? site maintenance
? assisting in the farmers markets
? events: kids day camps, farm tours and classes, field dinners with local chefs

Interns are help on the weekends with farm responsibilities, farmers markets, events and caring for animals ? because animals don't take weekends off!

Interns have lessons most weekday afternoons. We teach the majority of lessons hands on, and cover all practical aspects of natural process farming, from seed selection and pruning to tool maintenance and farm finances.

Occasionally, interns receive lessons from guest instructors on topics of agronomy, apiology, compost tea, iron works, wine making, nutrition, business, special events, marketing and community outreach.

Each intern lives in an amazing room on the farm, a few have there on own bath. We provide seasonal vegetables and fruit from the farm, as well as a limited amount of eggs, meats, and preserves that Boondockers produces. Staple foods such as beans, flours, sugar, and grains are provided.

* Technically, interns are employees of Boondockers Farm and will have tuition, room, and board deducted from their paycheck.

We host interns year-round. Work activities vary from season to season, but all interns receive the same basic instruction.

Please do not apply unless you can commit to at least entire three-month term.

To apply
As much as we'd like to accommodate every person who wants to participate in our program, limited space makes that impossible. We try to select applicants who will get the most out of the internship experience.

What we look for in an applicant
? Goals in line with the experience and teaching we provide
? Commitment and perseverance
? Sincere interest in learning and teaching
? Good work ethic
? Cooperative and helpful community member

Application Process
1. Submit completed application and your resume by email.
2. After we receive applications, we may contact you for an interview. If at all possible, we like to have applicants visit the farm for their interviews -- it gives us a chance to meet you in person, and it gives you a better sense of the program. We will conduct interviews over the phone for applicants not in the area.
3. We will notify applicants of our decision one month before the start of term.
Application form
Please tell us a little about yourself and you can check out more about our farm online at We are close to Clackamas Community College.

1. Please tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, pastimes, travels, etc.)
2. Do you have any allergies, food restrictions, or lifting limitations that might affect your ability to live in a rural setting and do farm work?

3. Do you have any experiences living and working in this type of environment?
Thank you for sharing this information with us. We will be in touch with you!!

Evan and Rachel from the Boondockers Farm
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