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Author Topic: Seeking Lead Farmer, SE Pennsylvania
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Seeking Lead Farmer, SE Pennsylvania    (Posted Sat, May 24 '14 at 02:45 UTC)

Living Hope Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown Produce farm nestled in the rolling hills of Harleysville, in South Eastern Pennsylvania. Living Hope Farm is located about 40 minutes North of Philadelphia and operates a 40 acre Community Supported Agriculture with restaurant sales, farm markets, and on-site market.

We are seeking a Lead Farmer which is a year round paid position which will manage and grow the CSA.

The Lead Farmer works with the Director and Field Manager to oversee the daily functions of the farm and is responsible for training the crew of summer interns and volunteers in daily tasks.

The Lead Farmer will be involved in daily manual labor as well as setting a through and steady pace for the crew. They will also be responsible identifying and organically correcting any problems (disease, pest, irrigation, soil, etc) At harvest times, they will assist in deciding when crops should be sold for maximum profit and are responsible to ensure that the farm runs as efficiently and profitably as possible. (Member management, marketing, bookkeeping, and business development will be all done by the Director of Living Hope Farm)

Experience and Qualifications:
Living Hope Farm is seeking a Lead Farmer with a minimum of 2- 3 years of full season experience working in organic or commercial vegetable crop production.
Experience in a supervisory position
Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
Detail oriented, creative, and high energy

Starting Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications. On site housing available as well as possible health insurance.

Please send resume to

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