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Author Topic: Certified Farmers Market
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  Cee Star
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Certified Farmers Market    (Posted Sat, Feb 21 '09 at 07:58 UTC)

I have friends who want to house a farmers market at their business place. There is not one in town and we are interested in pulling from the very most local growers in town to sell their fruits and vegetables. And then expand to the nearby farms out of town.
Since I've begun my research, it appears that to host a farmer's market you have to be certified by the state. Are there uncertified markets? Is the red tape necessary? Is the risk of not being certified greater than the work jumping the hoops? Your advice in the pros and cons here is appreciated!
As a side note, we are also looking at the possibility of having a small co-op/store for bulk items like grains and legumes, etc. This would work in conjunction with the market. And we would be open additional hours and sell leftover produce from the market as well.
Also, is there a way to stay under the radar while getting the info I need when dealing w/ the beauracracy?
Thanks and peace...

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Re: Certified Farmers Market    (Posted Tue, Dec 8 '09 at 03:03 UTC)

They seem to really be cracking down on farmers markets right now. I can't imagine flying under the radar would work. But it all depends on where you live and if they are cracking down or not.

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