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Author Topic: Wormery Compost
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  St. Paul
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Wormery Compost    (Posted Wed, Aug 26 '09 at 10:31 UTC)

If I feed my worms non-organic leftovers in a wormery and use the "tea" that comes from them as fertilizer for my vegetables, will my vegetables be considered non-oragnic?

If so, why is that? Does the chemicals from the leftovers transfer into the "tea"?

Any and all input is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Re: Wormery Compost    (Posted Wed, Aug 26 '09 at 08:37 UTC)

The best thing to do there is ask your certifier.

Re: Wormery Compost    (Posted Wed, Apr 21 '10 at 08:32 UTC)

That is great but what if your certifier is new and don't know much? I suppose we go to his superior?

 Zhengzhou China
Re: Wormery Compost    (Posted Mon, May 28 '12 at 08:18 UTC)

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