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Author Topic: bell pepper surviving winter
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bell pepper surviving winter    (Posted Thu, Feb 24 '11 at 08:03 UTC)

i have a bell pepper plant that i pulled up before winter, just for giggles since it was putting off a couple peppers i kept it alive over winter in the house. will it put off again this year if i put it back in one of my raised beds? never had one live over winter, not sure.

Dave & Roxanna
Re: bell pepper surviving winter    (Posted Fri, Feb 25 '11 at 02:40 UTC)Positive Rank

it should do just fine, but watch out for aphid infestations. Peppers are a perennial plant in tropical areas and they can live up to 100 years.

I have over wintered peppers many times and this year i have some sort of Bell (I thin Revolution, a green to red hybrid) and a cayenne. Both are getting aphids and really need supplemental light (but the seedling room where all the lights are is a bit too cold for peppers as we are starting all cold hardy plants right now so keep the temp around 60F in that room this time of year)

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
Re: bell pepper surviving winter    (Posted Fri, Feb 25 '11 at 11:05 UTC)

aphids can be controlled by giving lots of water to plant. The plant can't fight off aphids if it can't get the water and nutrients it needs to make the starches it uses to fight aphids. I have taken aphid infested plants and over watered for awhile, no more aphids!

 Peach Wright
Re: bell pepper surviving winter    (Posted Thu, Oct 9 '14 at 06:16 UTC)

Water the peppers regularly and deeply enough that water drains out of the bottom of the container.
Monitor the pepper plants regularly for pests like whiteflies, aphids and spider mites, which are often particularly damaging on peppers kept indoors.
Fertilize the pepper plants once growth resumes in late winter or spring.

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