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Author Topic: Need family run farm for Columbus Museum project
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Need family run farm for Columbus Museum project    (Posted Wed, Jun 8 '11 at 01:27 UTC)

My name's Wes Eastin with Georgia State University. We're currently collaborating with the Columbus Museum to produce a short video project regarding agriculture as it pertains to local Georgia farmers. Having gone through Perry on a recent trip to Newton we were wondering if there are any local farms that you'd be willing to showcase.

We're looking for row crops, i.e. corn, wheat, collards, peanuts, etc. And it may seem strange but our primary focus is a father-son team or specifically a family operated farm though we're not limited to this, specifically.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience as we have a deadline coming up in July. Our project wouldn't require more than a day's work showcasing a day in the life. It won't be shot in a reality tv style, as some people have supposed, but more of an operational shoot with an interview at the end of the day. Our show will premiere in Columbus July 31 and run through January 1st 2012. We are truly excited about this project and hope to feature a location in Perry alongside many other of Georgia's natural wonders.

Thank you,

Wes Eastin
Georgia State University
(404) 285 2883

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