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Author Topic: Corn stalks for suport
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Corn stalks for suport    (Posted Fri, Jun 10 '11 at 07:01 UTC)

I have a patch of sweet corn that has just started producing silks so I know the plants won?t last much longer. However, I have very limited growing space and I have several months of time invested in the corn stalks. I keep the corn in an enclosure made from posts and string to keep it from being blown over during thunderstorms so I know corn doesn?t have a very deep root system.

I don?t have space to let squash vines grow over the ground. Has anyone ever grown acorn or Hubbard squash by training the vines to climb on old corn stalks? Would the stalks be sturdy enough to support squash?

 Norfolk, VA
Re: Corn stalks for suport    (Posted Wed, Jun 15 '11 at 02:02 UTC)

The stlaks are usuually not sturdy enough, espeically for bigger squashes, this works better for beans and let one or two squashplants sprawl on the ground around your corn.

If you have the space, squashes and pumpkins will do well on an arbor and you can use the area under it for a shaded sitting/eating area.

Re: Corn stalks for suport    (Posted Wed, Jun 15 '11 at 03:48 UTC)

My corn patch isn't large enough to let anything grow along the ground; a vine squash would end up taking over my yard. But it doesn't matter anyway since I haven't been able to find seeds for acorn or Hubbard squash, but I did find some for a variety that has fruit about the size of a mini-pumpkin.

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