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Author Topic: cut flower growers in Arizona?
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  Hatching Bunnies
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cut flower growers in Arizona?    (Posted Thu, May 24 '12 at 08:50 UTC)

I have started growing cut flowers for our farmers market and small events.
I just did my first wedding this May. Unfortunately, if I need more flowers than i currently have growing, I have to go to a wholesaler.
Is there anyone else in the greater Phoeix area growing cut flowers?

Hatching Bunnies Farm Gilbert, AZ
Re: cut flower growers in Arizona?    (Posted Wed, Dec 19 '12 at 03:50 UTC)

I am curious if you've had any luck since your post? The demand seems to be here in Phoenix for locally-grown flowers, but we seem overwhelmed by readily available flowers through wire services and the global network of flower growers and shippers. Even some florists in Phoenix are listed as "growers" yet grow no flowers in AZ, nor even in the US. I am trying to get something started around providing regional flowers following the construction industry's lead with the GBC's LEED standards of procuring cut flowers within 500 miles. Then, adding seasonal product restrictions (e.g. no sunflowers in Spring), and eco-floral, organic growing standards. I fear this is leading me into creating a new wholesale business by necessity to supply my own clients, but only fear that it will be hard to compete with the existing wholesalers. As a florist, I want only to use the products that meet my standards and beliefs, but the resources are limited in our region for cut flowers (I'm like you, I grow only a small amount myself, and much smaller scale than your farm). I'd welcome a conversation on how to change that without being in conflict with our natural desert ecology. Perhaps a network of small growers needs to be formed around cut flowers in AZ?

-Liz eco-floral design services, sustainable flowers, materials, and resources.
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Re: cut flower growers in Arizona?    (Posted Wed, Dec 24 '14 at 12:59 UTC)

I am currently a teacher on the reservation in Ganado AZ. I bought 40 acres in the show low area with the intent of creating a horticulture business or a variety of agribusinesses. While I am far from ready to begin, I am researching. I am interested in the flower market and would probably need information on the Phoenix area. Any advice or help you can share would be appreciated. Thank you

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