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Author Topic: Woodlot size
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Woodlot size    (Posted Wed, May 30 '12 at 05:01 UTC)

Is there any kind of rule of thumb for planting a farm woodlot to produce firewood, forage for livestock and lumber? If you bought property that doesn?t have a woodlot, how much area should you try to plant as a woodlot? Or if you bought a wooded piece of property how much of it should you leave as a woodlot?

 That guy
 Marengo, WI
Re: Woodlot size    (Posted Sun, Jul 15 '12 at 12:58 UTC)

Like the man says: it depends. Where are you? What type of trees? Soils? You can go to the NRCS Soil Survey site and look up the potential yield for wood production in your area. Here I believe most people figure 1-1 1/2 loggers cord of wood per acre just trimming up dead and down in established Maple/oak forest. Back when it was cold some of us with old houses figured as much as 20 cord a winter. Winters are not as cold now so I get by with 3-5 cord with some propane. So how tight is your house, size, are you using something else all figures into it. I am kind of jumping around, but it all depends on these things. If I had to depend on lodgepole pine in the Bitterroot Mts. I doubt I would ever stop cutting. When I lived outside of Atlanta I didn't burn a cord, but then I just didn't feel as cold as the natives did. So maybe they burned more.

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