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Author Topic: LOW TUNNELS
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LOW TUNNELS    (Posted Sat, May 14 '11 at 06:48 UTC)

A while back I was asking for information on high tunnels. I want to thank everyone who replied with information. Tonight we went to a friends house who had made low tunnels out of 1/2"pvc and 6 mil plastic. My wife and I went to Ace Hardware at 5:55 and they close at 6:00. We picked up 7 pcs.of pvc 10' and 2 pcs of 1/2"conduit along with a box of 6 mil 12' x 100' plastic.We decided to build a low tunnel over one14' raised bed and within 1 hour we had it completed.The cost was about $20 .awesome.We will be building more for our garden.Thank you all again that took the time to reply to my request for help with the high tunnels. Have a great day and happy farming

Re: LOW TUNNELS    (Posted Sat, May 14 '11 at 12:49 UTC)

Wonderful but FYI, if you did not use greenhouse poly (UV stable 6 mil plastic) be prepared in the near future (4 to 6 months) for the plastic to break down and shatter into a billion pieces all over your yard and garden.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
Re: LOW TUNNELS    (Posted Mon, Sep 26 '11 at 09:04 UTC)

can you explain more? are yours rounded? how did you make them with just 2 10foot pieces and elbows? DID you get UV stable plastic? if not, are you taking the plastic off later? I'm in Michigan, and I'd very much like to extend the short growing season here!

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Re: LOW TUNNELS    (Posted Tue, Sep 27 '11 at 08:59 UTC)

We used the 7 pcs. of pvc pipe to form the hoops ,,we used aluminum arrows put into the ground and slid the hoops over them,then took the metal conduit to tie the hoops together like a ridge board for trusses.After we had the frame done we used 6 mil plastic to close the low tunnel in .We would open the tunnel as the day warmed up,until we were ready to move the plants to the raised beds.I hope this helps ,Happy farming

 Old Soul Farmer
 Ann Arbor
Re: LOW TUNNELS    (Posted Wed, Oct 5 '11 at 06:44 UTC)

We are in MI and I have used both UV ("greenhouse") 6 mil plastic and the 6 mil plastic that we purchased at Lowe's. I used the builder's plastic for about 2 months then stored it in the barn. Then I re-used it on the ends of a 16' wide hoop (about 8' tall). I put it up last Dec. (double layer) and it finally shattered to pieces this past week when we had gusts of over 40 mph. The 6 mil greenhouse plastic on the top of the same hoop is now 12 years old. Light transmission isn't as good as our newer hoops because it gets dirty and, with 2 layers, stuff gets in between. But it's solid and warm. And the peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and winter greens do well.

Unless you're taking down the hoop from season to season, I think the extra $ for UV plastic is well worth it as it really takes a lot of time to stretch and properly secure plastic. But, if you're taking it down, go for the cheaper material.

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