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Author Topic: Local Harvest Plays Favorites.
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Local Harvest Plays Favorites.    (Posted Thu, Apr 21 '11 at 06:32 UTC)

I was notified today that Local Harvest was deactivating my listing because I was affiliated with someone I never met! I was never asked if I knew these people, I was never told that there may be a conflict. Nothing! The Local Harvest webmaster gave me the names of the people that I supposedly work with or for so I looked them up and called them! I sent them a copy of the e-mail that I had been sent and they were kind enough to contact Local Harvest Directly. Can you believe that an organization like this would do such a thing? I am not the only person to be treated this way either. There are at least 3 other listings that have been removed without merit. This is amazing to me. If you want a copy of what I was sent, Email me at

the way it should be done.
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