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Author Topic: Need Help Choosing Soil
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Need Help Choosing Soil    (Posted Tue, Apr 8 '08 at 04:19 UTC)

Hi All,

I am new here, and need help choosing an appropriate soil for my herb garden - large, potted plants on the back patio. I definitely want soil that does not contain animal matter, and want these herbs to be organic. I know Pro-Mix fits the bill, but I would have to drive to Houston and the gas alone would eat up any savings from growing my own. Someone who has experience, please help me pick a safe soil!

Thanks very much!

 utah valley, utah
Re: Need Help Choosing Soil    (Posted Fri, Mar 12 '10 at 10:02 UTC)

I'm in the same place as you, I've borrowed a few books from my local library that I'm learning a lot from - Rodale's Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening and Rodale's Chemical-free Yard & Garden. I've also heard that Lasagna gardening by Patricia Lanza is a helpful resource.

I know this was posted a long time ago, did you ever receive any advice? what kind of soil did you end up using?

Re: Need Help Choosing Soil    (Posted Sat, Mar 13 '10 at 05:07 UTC)

I forgot to read my question before your answer... For the garden itself, I ended up going to the Natural Gardener in Austin and asking them about organic soil. They made a recommendation, said it was suitable for organic gardening, and I bough tit in bulk (VERY reasonably priced). I also drove to a small farming distributor and bought some Pro-Mix (the Micorise Pro type) for my herb garden. I've had great success!

We also installed worm buckets into each veggie bed. It's a five gallon bucket with worm holes that you bury in the center of your garden. You fill it with red worms and then just put your compostables into the bucket. The worms eat it and spread castings out in a six-foot radius, making the soil amazing. Just don't add anything citrus, any dairy, meat, or salt. Just veggies and unglossy paper products. You can find out more from Gordon at - awesome!

Good luck!

Re: Need Help Choosing Soil    (Posted Sat, Mar 13 '10 at 06:27 UTC)

Do you have any opposition to using compost?
Compost from food scraps, plant clippings, recyclable paper etc.....?

If not; try your own small compost pile. If you can make one using worms to help with compost. Worm castings are great............
Use Perlite, compost, sand, and some of your dirt.(in equal parts)
I also use Spaghnum peat moss in the mix to help hold in moisture and facilitate drainage.

Just my mix and what works for me.........

 new york
Re: Need Help Choosing Soil    (Posted Tue, Aug 3 '10 at 02:08 UTC)

It is great for starting seeds. But it is a water grabber and I think omitting it and not rotting roots would be a concern. Most commercial mixes are pumped with a Wetting agent. So be careful. And many have a start up fertalizer added also.

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