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Author Topic: Manardas
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  the plant dude
  camb. sprs
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Manardas    (Posted Sun, Sep 24 '06 at 06:14 UTC)

Does anybody grow and dry manardas flowers in vineger and oils ...and how does yours turn out ...

there are no weeds ,just missplaced herbs
 chagrin falls
Monarda    (Posted Wed, Oct 11 '06 at 06:01 UTC)

Hi - are you referring to Bee Balm (Monarda)? Please be careful - when you store any product in vinegar and oil you still run the risk of growing botulism. Vinegar does not kill the disease and it can really make someone sick. When you prepare these sort of products, sterilize your instruments, pots and pans, your canning lids, heat your ingredients, wash your plants, and be sure to LABEL because some folks are deathly allergic to stuff like this. Herbs are best dried or frozen in ice cubes. Bee Balm is an awesome herb - always keep in mind that the original medicine that God intended is very potent stuff.

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