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Author Topic: starting a greenhouse for a business
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starting a greenhouse for a business    (Posted Sat, Jan 17 '09 at 09:28 UTC)

I would like to start a greenhouse and grow herbs and flowers for local sales. I have done some research and have the drive and passion to do this. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can find what thelocal laws and requirements are for saling at marketsor to local retails. Also was wondering if an 8X16 greenhouse is profitable or just a way to getstarted and the taste of it. My overall goal is to do some spin farming but am thinking small for several reasons. Thanks for any comments.

Re: starting a greenhouse for a business    (Posted Sat, Jan 17 '09 at 02:23 UTC)

8x 16 is way too small you will need at least 4x that size to start.

Contact your co-operative extension folks they will know who to ask in your state about regulations

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
Re: starting a greenhouse for a business    (Posted Sun, Jan 18 '09 at 07:26 UTC)

Yes, you can start that small......start at the size you pocketbook will allow without having to borrow money. If you have one or two retail accounts and sale at a farmer's market, you could be able to start with a small house but I would suggest at least 12 foot wide.

Inexpensive PVC frame greenhouses that are 12X24 are very cheap. But let you cash decide how big to start.

 Prairie Girl
 Detroit Lakes
Re: starting a greenhouse for a business    (Posted Mon, Jan 19 '09 at 01:06 UTC)

I started with my first green house my husband built for me that was 6'x8' and had 6' sidewalls. I had 3 shelves on each side not including the ground. With this house I was able to grow and sell about $1200 a month for 3 months. I'd had experiance working in the big commerical greenhouses before doing seeding and transplanting and most of the other work involved so it gave me some back ground to go on. I bought all my seeds thru one of the organic cataloges so I had good seed to start with. I know I didn't spend over $100 for seed and seed starting mix cause I made my own seeding mixes. I know it can be done. I sold all my plants outside of a convience store near our house we owned at the time. One of the worst experiences I've ever had with greenhouses came that year also. On Easter Sunday we had gale force winds and I was tending the store that morning, and I called my husband to make sure he'd check to see if the house was anchored good enough. When I got home later in the day - I came home to my greenhouse laying on it's back and all my seedlings were all over. Needless to say Anchors are something NOT to skim on! If you have the will you can do it! Good luck - I now have 2 big greenhouses I love as much as that 1st little one! And they are anchored firmly in the ground 3' down with cement as a plus!!!!

Slow food and good eatin' that's what's life's about. Enjoying growing food and learning more each year.
Re: starting a greenhouse for a business    (Posted Mon, Jan 19 '09 at 01:39 UTC)

Profitable; yes. That is relative to your imput/operating costs.

Can you quit your day job; not likely. I believe that is what Lucy ment by her response. ( Lucy, if I'm wrong, don't bean me with that rotten )

Good place to start; most definately. Better than coughing up the expense and labor of a larger one only to find out your hobby isn't something you want to work at to make a living. ( a common mistake made by a great many )

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