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Author Topic: Herbal Medicines
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  Water Hollow Woman
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Herbal Medicines    (Posted Tue, Oct 10 '06 at 02:50 UTC)

I make herbal salves and tinctures and give them away to my people as they are needed. I have quite a few requests now for my salve and last year gave away 200 jars of it. This year I have made 300 as everyone who tries it swears by it. I am Chickamauga and it is against my belief to sell my cures to the People, but it is very expensive to buy the oils and beeswax and other products I need to make them. I wildcraft and grow my own herbs, though.
My question is "What does one have to do to sell herbal salves and tinctures to the general public?" No one has so far answered my question and the last thing I want to do is run afoul of the law....
Any help would be appreciated.

Susan Bates
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Tue, Oct 10 '06 at 04:56 UTC)

Susan- It looks like you know how to produce something that the public wants- Thats great don't worry about if it is OK- Do you think that the Wright Bros. woried if it was OK to fly? I sell books on eBay and I know that there are lots of people out there looking for information.
eBay does a very good job making sure that what sells on their site is legal- they will let you know fast if what you are doing is not legal. I think what you have to be very careful about- is the claims you make about what you are selling. I have been in sales all my life and I know that to be good at it you have to sell the sizzle not the steak.

My advice to you (for what it is worth) would be to sell a 2-or 3 page report on how someone could make things like this themselves- at home you know a how to thing. You could offer sell them the herbs, oils and wax and you would not even have to buy jars any more..We are in the information age---I would be happy to help you with listing on eBay you can contact me at- -
It looks like you have a rare talent and you should share it with others in need-David

 Fort Collins
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Tue, Oct 10 '06 at 07:37 UTC)

I have researched some of the federal government guidelines...there is quite a few cannot put anything on label that isn't "scientifically proven"...which can lead to many possible pitfalls...also, cosmetic requirements are strict about area of preparation. I believe in the power of herbs to heal...keep going, good luck!

L Robe
 WV Lavender Hill
 Crab Orchard
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Thu, Oct 12 '06 at 09:19 UTC)

Hello Susan,
It is great to to see you here, and I hope we can email if you want too. I have been studing about the same things, I make tinctures and salves as well, but mainly single ingredient tinctures. I started with calling the governers office of my state and then got a direct line to their attorney's and of course they where pretty puzzled, yet gave me a few directions and was very nice, I had to refer to the state alcohol, tobaco, and firearms department for the tinctures, and then you have to follow postal regulations which you can find at the USPS web page as well as research which plants are endangered... (even though I return wild plants after germinating seeds) and which plants are regulated, such as ginseng, which in many places you have to register and only harvest in a 1 to 2 month season, as well as have proof of written permission to wild craft on the land and even if you grow your own on your own land you have to register in some states as well as only be able to sell plant roots of a certain age, keep good records now that you are selling to the public because of the many federal agencies.
As far as packaging, lable should have ingredients, and dose, thats as far as I would go on the lable.
As far as your discription in your ads, you may explain thier traditional uses, and any scientific uses with a disclaimer attatched that everything is for educational information only and that you are not prescribing or making a diagnosis. etc.
It sounds soo overwelming at first, but once you started with templates for your products it gets easier, Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.

WV Lavender Hill Farm mixing love of nature, mountains and plants into the place I call home.
 Water Hollow Woman
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Fri, Oct 13 '06 at 03:31 UTC)

Thanks to everyone for their advice. I appreciate any help I can get.

Susan Bates
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Wed, Dec 24 '08 at 12:16 UTC)

We are not allowed to make ANY claims at all on our products unless it is a soap and then we may only claim that it will clean.

We are not allowed to say why we use certain herbs/flowers... or what anything is good for - unless we are a doctor or other person who is allowed to give medical advice.

We also cannot call our products organic unless WE OURSELVES have a certificate to be allowed to do so. Even, if every single item in our product is organic, we cannot call the product organic unless we have paid for the very expensive certification.

It is a pain, but the big companies will go after you if you infringe on their market share without the proper papers.

I often get people who ask me "Which of your products should I use for this... or that... ?"
I tell them that I am sorry, but I cannot tell them which specific product to use. I tell them to research into herbs/flowers/oils/butters... and then they will have an idea of what may help them, but that I make no claims.

I get so frustrated because I am sure that this costs me some sales because some of these folks just go on to buy from websites that do make unlawful claims, but I cannot afford a lawsuit.

Organically Yours, Diana
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Fri, Dec 26 '08 at 09:56 UTC)

Best wishes, Sue. Sounds like you have something special -- the ability to produce a valuable product. To get it out there with the best chance of success, please develop a business plan. Take advantage of free technical support such as SCORE (the office of the Small Business Administration to help people set up businesses), the Executive Serice Corps which provides volunteer advisors, your community college which may have a course on starting a small business. You need to consider financing, marketing, production as well as the legal issues. Yes, your business will be as unique as a fingerprint, and it will evolve step by step, but a plan will help you see your path and envision something a little beyond what you may believe is possible now. Good luck!

catherine botanica barker
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Thu, Jul 1 '10 at 02:38 UTC)

Hi, I'm a certified master herbalist and sell products on my own website and here on Local Harvest (Owens Acres).

Best advice is to list all ingredients, weight of product, and your contact info! If you can also give them info like shelf life, keep out of direct sunlight, etc. that's always helpful and appreciated.

By law if you are not a licensed doctor you must say:

"products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"

You can however say, "may help with" or other vague phrases! Avoid words like cure, proven, tested, prevent, etc....

When people as me questions about issues, I recite verbatim "I am not a doctor, I am an herbalist and by law I cannot diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease".

Hope that helps.

Pure and Simple Products From Nature!
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Fri, Mar 29 '13 at 03:43 UTC)

Well, I sell herbal product and herbal incenses. Some people sale illegal product in general public. There are many herbal product which are ban by a particular country. I don't think your product is illegal and you can sell it anyways.

 Spring Run
Re: Herbal Medicines    (Posted Wed, Jan 22 '14 at 08:53 UTC)

Owens Farm,

I have a passion to help people. I have started making my own glycerites and tinctures for my family. I have many friends that are interested in them, and want me to sell them. I started to look into the legalities of it, and it just seems like such an enigma of red tape. Do you have to register with the FDA?

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