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Author Topic: aloe vera
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aloe vera    (Posted Mon, Nov 20 '06 at 12:41 UTC)

hello, i can recommend the herb aloe vera. my wife has been suffering from ibs, for some time now, she started taking aloe vera tablets about 6-7 weeks ago, and her condition has much improved

 WV Lavender Hill
 Crab Orchard
Re: aloe vera    (Posted Mon, Dec 4 '06 at 10:07 UTC)

Thank you for that info, I love aloe vera, It was one of the very first herbs I ever grew, given to me as a gift, I think I had that plant for about 15 years.

WV Lavender Hill Farm mixing love of nature, mountains and plants into the place I call home.
Re: aloe vera    (Posted Wed, Dec 13 '06 at 03:43 UTC)

Aloe Vera is excellent for many digestive concerns especially acid reflux in addition to IBS. It can also soothe the bowels when constipation is a concern. The pills are good but the juice is the best, it gets right into the system and coats from the esophagus all the way down to the digestive tract. The liquid also helps to increase mucous in th tract and allows for easier passing of food.

Aloe is also a good detox, especially for animals. Many of my tinctures are Aloe Vera based because it helps to push toxins from the system.

Aloe has also been used to aid in cancer ailments with pets. Aloe heals from the inside out and has been known to deter tumor growth in many pet cancers. It is not a cure all but sure can help in ways which we are not even aware.

I am so happy you have found the benefit of Aloe and your wife's condition has improved.

All the best -
Sharon Hubbs-Kreft
Certified Natural Health Consultant & Certified Herbalist

Sharon Hubbs-Kreft, Certified Herbalist
 New York
Re: aloe vera    (Posted Thu, Jan 25 '07 at 06:54 UTC)

I have an aloe vera plant...can I just scrape out the fleshy middle part and eat it? Are there any good recipes for eating aloe?

Re: aloe vera    (Posted Thu, Jan 25 '07 at 10:18 UTC)

Please let me know what you found out about eating aloe vera straight from the plant.

 Spring Hill, FL
Re: aloe vera    (Posted Thu, Feb 8 '07 at 12:58 UTC)

>hello, i can recommend the herb aloe vera. my
>wife has been suffering from ibs, for some time
>now, she started taking aloe vera tablets about
>6-7 weeks ago, and her condition has much

I went to an herb class recently, the teacher grinds up about an inch of aloe leaf every day in her morning smoothie, along with a variety of other things. I had read in "Prescription for Herbal Healing" by Phyllis Balch to avoid raw aloe when you had any sort of bleeding going on, such as menstruation, bleeding hemorrhoids, etc. I asked the teacher about this, and she said not to believe anything till you read it 4 times. That may be true in the case of some herbs/circumstances, but in the case of a potentially detrimental warning, I heed on the side of caution, unless I can confirm otherwise.


Re: aloe vera    (Posted Wed, Mar 16 '11 at 03:26 UTC)

i also believe in the herbal products and aloe vera is a herbal plant that is useful from everywhare. There are lots of Aloevera Uses like Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Vera Moisturizers, Aloe vera hair gels, Aloe vera weight loss suppliments and many more. I used aloe vera and my health conditions are far better in last three months. I am using Aloe vera juice for 3 months and its now making me stronger and all my body functions are working well. Also i loose 12 pounds even if i am taking my regular food. Its really good to make you feel healthy and fit.

I read much about it from this website

like i was not known to this that you can make Aloe vera deep conditioner using aloe vera and other ingredients. I recommend everyone to take aloe vera and feel healthy.

William Pablow

William Pablow
Re: aloe vera    (Posted Wed, Mar 16 '11 at 09:44 UTC)

Anybody know if it can be used for cold sores on my son? Medicine is too expensive, but my father has an Aloe plant I could propogate.

Re: aloe vera    (Posted Sat, Mar 19 '11 at 05:15 UTC)

unlike some folks who need four different sources on any herbs that might be dangerous or not really all that good for humans to ingest, I only need one.

With most anything wheather it is good or bad for us to take, it depends on the source. If a person is advertising and selling an item, they are not going to say much bad about it.

Aloe is good as atopical gel for wounds, cuts, probably cold sores. The best source is from a broken leaf of an aloe vera plant.

This is from Quakewatch:
Aloe latex is a harsh stimulant laxative that has FDA approval for OTC use as a laxative ingredient.
Products derived from aloe gel and intended for internal use have not been proven effective against any disease.
The effectiveness of aloe skin-care products is uncertain.

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