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Author Topic: where are the grants?
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  herb lady Lorina
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where are the grants?    (Posted Sat, Jan 6 '07 at 04:28 UTC)

I have been told that being a woman in the farming business I should be able to receive grants. My business is young, I have so much potential business, but I need money to erect greenhouses and build the necessary structures to operate at the level I need to be. I believe in sharing the good news of herb and vegetable farming(classes, guest speaking, garden tours, ect.) I practice organic gardening. I love what i do but i need help, so i don't lose the momentum that I've created. Any suggestions concerning any financial issues I would greatly appreciate.

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Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Tue, Jan 23 '07 at 09:55 UTC)

sorry for piggybacking, but I also share your same frustration, I have to add onto your post as well, I'm a struggling woman, as well as disabled (trying to make it without disability) until my son came of age lately, a single mom.

I also had heard of grants for starting businesses, for starting or expanding farms, or for bringing in tourisim, or for bringing in commerce in to rural areas, for single moms, or disabled etc etc etc. yet when I did my research I could only find great loans for those things.... yet that is of little help because I can not garentee a monthly payment.

Then when I did more research, I found that very rich and or millionares where given grants for such farm business in this area, up to a few million, and in another case someone with a masters degree (not in agr.) getting solid grants through education and research foundations, yet never found anything for the "little guy" (woman).
If I find anything I'll let you know, I hope you have better luck than I have had.

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 herb lady Lorina
Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Tue, Jan 30 '07 at 03:42 UTC)

Thanks for letting me know there are others who have seen the same. I will not give up but I sure hope we can find out something! Raising a family has a way of taking all that extra time and money. God bless, Lorina

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Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Thu, Feb 1 '07 at 08:39 UTC)

I don't know alot but where are you looking? State or Federal? I'd say start by contacting your Cooperative Extension Office, and locating your Land-grant University (A system of Universities written into law by Abraham Lincoln in 1862). Every state has one,I think.They are established to advance agricultural research among other things. We have two in Kentucky. Then I think you'll have to focus in on what it is you want to do.You won't be able to be as vague as"I thought I might do something involved with agro-tourism." Envision what you really want, then DO YOUR RESEARCH. You'll have to have a business plan because whoever you end up talking to will treat your enterprise like a business because it is. Find out everything you can possibly find out before you start approaching people for funding, then you are prepared. Be as specific as possible " I would like to establish a petting zoo, with 25 goats which I intend to milk in order produce cheese", as an example.
Don't be too ambitious, or too diversified at first. Add a little at a time because no matter how much research you do, you'll have lots to learn when you start doing each enterprise within your operation. Make sure your enthusiasm can carry you through alot of frustration and good luck!

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Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Sun, Apr 1 '07 at 12:05 UTC)

the title for this post caught my attention.. and all thenformation talked about here has been very helpful to me...
i never thought about just saying i wanted a "home bizz"/garden .. as being vague until the last reply.. so thanks for putting into such simple terms which got me to think about ita little harder.. ha which in turn helps me understand why funding hasnt come through for me.. anyway thnk for the info .. it will help better word out my bizz. and look at how i reallyw ant o do things.. good luck in finding your funding.. please any info you find it may helpful to some of us..

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Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Sun, Apr 1 '07 at 09:09 UTC)

hey, whomever finds the answer to this post first, I as well, being a single mother with the big organic farming dream, would love to hear it.

Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Sun, Apr 1 '07 at 11:31 UTC)

Good luck.
In all the combined efforts that I've devoted to finding someone else's money to do exactly what you said, all I've found is that "grants" will fund "research", but won't pay for anything that would "improve your property", i.e. - put up a greenhouse.
There is hope for you women though. Look for funding thru women and minorities low interest / forgiveable loans. Us men, we're kinda screwed.
But I'm still lookin'....if anybody finds any; FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TELL THE REST OF US !!!!

Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Thu, Jul 1 '10 at 02:22 UTC)

Hi Escalon, you're my neighbor - kind of! I'm up in Placerville.

I've searched for grants as well, they are offered by the USDA but very limited and very difficult to get. If you d

So here's an alternative - I'm going to use this program for a herb classroom I want to have on my property. There are fund raising websites that can help you raise money for specific projects. My favorite is Kickstarter ( You propose a project, set an amount and if they accept your project, you have between 30-90 days to raise the money. It's all or nothing. If you reach your goal by the deadline, you pay Kickstarter a small commission. If you don't reach your goal, you get nothing. So start small - do your project in phases so the goals are attainable. Take a look at the website, there are other farms on there, so you can get an idea of what others are doing. Then you're on your own to notify friends, family, etc. to make small donations. Sounds impossible, but just check out the site, it's very fascinating!

Heres some other good links with info as well:

Hope the info helps!

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Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Sun, Jul 4 '10 at 04:11 UTC)

I too have searched and searched, and haven't found any free $$$ start an ag business.

There are low interest loans via FSA and USDA, but before leaping it's best to have a business plan in hand. The plan that I wrote was after several years of research, and compiling data, and then actually writing the thing = total time was 2 years from start to finished, bound book.

Best advice: start small, get your marketing going, and make $$$ to spend $$$ on your venture. Marketing your product will be you're #1 hurdle. Hook up with another successful farm and learn the ropes. There are many ideas out there, and learning opportunities from other farms who've crossed this bridge before you.

We're still in the infancy planning stages of creating an organic feed mill in Missouri, even with that project, there isn't any real easy, free money. A SARE grant is first on our list, as we need to find grant money for an official feasibility study and after that if we obtain a grant, then we understand the economic development grants will fall in line for our project.

Good luck with your search.

Desiree Rutherford
 herb lady Lorina
Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Wed, Jul 7 '10 at 11:24 UTC)

It looks like a solid business plan is definitely what i need, figured that out before. I have been doing farmers markets for 10 years now. So Im tired and have been working my tail off to build a good reputation for my business.Now its time to really go for it and apply all my hard work: compile all the facts, revise my business plan and get out and really hussle. Im not doing as many markets so my farm gets more time and i have more energy for my dream.i believe i can make it happen, Im still all ears, please keep giving tips on how to find that free money!!! Dont give up fellow farmers, theres got to be help out there!!!

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Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Mon, Sep 13 '10 at 03:33 UTC)

try Rodale they have a lot of interesting info and also under Rodale Farms the link that says New Farms...then classified. Look thro it and see if there might be some help for you this way. There are people looking to farm and those looking for help on their farms. Y'all might find something there. But, as far as I can see about government loans, etc....well, really, when was the last time the government ever gave out anything free without some kind of catch??

 herb lady Lorina
Re: where are the grants?    (Posted Mon, Sep 13 '10 at 06:26 UTC)

Well thanks for the info.i recently took a bold leap and retired all my farmers markets. Now the focus will be on just my farm. All the suggestions are great! Yeah... nothing is free. Im going to make it happen!

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