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Author Topic: Dandelion Blossoms
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  Apple Valley
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Dandelion Blossoms    (Posted Wed, Jan 17 '07 at 06:01 UTC)

I have been searching the internet trying to find someone who is selling fresh or frozen dandelion blossoms. An odd request, right? Well, I'm getting married in the summer and, as a child, I always remembered picking dandelions for my Dad to make Dandelion Wine. But by the time I was able to request for him to make it for the wedding, it was too late in the year. I have been searching for months now and with no luck. If you have any information or recommendations for me it would be absolutely appreciated. The wedding is in July, so I only have a month or so to track some down. Thank you so much for your time. Please contact me at kendrabear1. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Linnea Fink
Re: Dandelion Blossoms    (Posted Mon, May 7 '07 at 06:06 UTC)

I did a web search and found some forum posts, based on what I found I would recommend calling Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Henry's, or Wild Oats and ask them.

Re: Dandelion Blossoms    (Posted Mon, May 7 '07 at 07:46 UTC)

We operate our farm in the mountains of Wyoming and lots of dandelions grow here. Feel free to contact me at 307-883-7070 with questions.

Curtis Haderlie

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