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Author Topic: aloe vera
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aloe vera    (Posted Thu, Jan 25 '07 at 10:21 UTC)

What is the proper way to harvest aloe vera for drinking the juice and using as a medicine.

 Lake Elsinore
Re: aloe vera    (Posted Thu, Jun 7 '07 at 10:47 UTC)

There are probably many ways, but here are two I've tried:

1. Direct application for cuts, burns, etceteras...just cut a piece of a leaf, rub the juice directly on the affected area. Keep the rest of the leaf and it's gel in the fridge in a zip lock bag for next time.

2. Drink. UGH! Taste can be terrible. But, peel the leaf, put the get into a blender, with something that tastes good, make a liquid out of it, and drink. Don't do too much at a time...the longer it sits, the worse it tastes!

Since you're in Oklahoma...In Lawton (I still have a home there) a company called Cosmetic Specialty Labs made Aloe Vera products for us in the mid-80's for a pilot company. They had access to aloe and put it in a lot of different products. Don't know if they're still in business, but you might check.

Good luck.

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