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Author Topic: where to buy herbs?
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where to buy herbs?    (Posted Fri, Nov 5 '10 at 04:32 UTC)

We used to have lots of herbs at the local nursery's or home improvement stores. They've cut down quite a bit on variety and some have stopped carrying them. I've tried local vegetable stands, specialty gardening places and anywhere else I can think of. Am having trouble finding the more unsual herbs. Up until a couple of years ago, I could at least find herbs like lemon thyme. Currently can't find any lemon thyme plants locally. I'm also looking for horehound and several other varieties that aren't necessarily that common. Any ideas or tips on where to look?

I did try buying seeds for a few years. Was not able to get any lemon thyme seeds to germinate. Am also having trouble with seed storage. When I lived in a dry climate, I could store for years and still use. Current climate is very hot and humid and seeds just don't last. I tried moving them to the refrigerator to stay cool, but they don't seem to germinate the next year no matter what I do. Any tips for seed savers? What's a good way to store seeds in unhospitable climates?


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Re: where to buy herbs?    (Posted Wed, Dec 29 '10 at 08:15 UTC)


You might find them from with a client of mine

Give them a call and see if they have them or where you could find them?

If you need anything else or questions on anything let me know...

Happy Growing!


Kirk, Grower Consultant
Re: where to buy herbs?    (Posted Thu, May 30 '13 at 12:57 UTC)

Store your seeds in the fridge!! I monitor the Davesgarden free seeds for newbies program, I keep many of my seeds this way. I didn't notice what state you are in or what kind of herbs you are looking for any in particular?

Robin J Brann
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