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Author Topic: Mint or Chocolate Mint?
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Mint or Chocolate Mint?    (Posted Mon, Mar 28 '11 at 09:36 UTC)

So, I am currently growing Mint and Chocolate Mint. They are, both at the moment,
in 4inc containers. I have the perfect place in my backyard to put them so then can
flourish and be contained. PROBLEM: I don't know which one to transplant to that
lovely corner. The mint is gorgeous and wild looking but it is not has fragrant as
I thought it would be. The chocolate mint is SO fragrant but would it make a good
tea when dried? I was hoping someone could give me a lovely opinion or feedback.
I know it's not a big problem but I am at such a standstill!

Re: Mint or Chocolate Mint?    (Posted Tue, Mar 29 '11 at 06:39 UTC)

I love chocolate mint and grow mostly that. I will say that I had it die out once, something that is the opposite of what mint usually does.
It makes a lovely tea.

 Lynette Yant
 Ottawa Ohio
Re: Mint or Chocolate Mint?    (Posted Fri, Nov 4 '11 at 01:43 UTC)

Fyi when planting any mint keep in mind it will grow like crazy. I am going to replant mine in hallow bottom 5 gallon bucket to control its growth.

lynette yant
 New York
Re: Mint or Chocolate Mint?    (Posted Wed, Nov 16 '11 at 03:13 UTC)

I have been searching the internet for a very long time and still cannot find anything helpful! Please.........

janicegi bbonsd
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