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Author Topic: Some Thoughts on Selling Herbs at F.M.
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Some Thoughts on Selling Herbs at F.M.    (Posted Mon, Sep 26 '11 at 06:10 UTC)

I was at our local farmer's market last Saturday and I LOVE going there, to get lots of exciting and fresh foods. Since we just purchased a house with 13 acres, we are planning a lot of different foods to begin producing starting in the spring. We're planning on offering herbs, in 4" pots and possibly fresh cut as well, but the problem I noticed at our farmer's market is by 11am (market opens at 8am) the herbs that were "fresh cut" all looked wilty and nasty. I didn't purchase any of them! I normally LOVE to find a way to add fresh basil or thyme or parsley or whatever's available, to our evening meal, after going to the market, but the herbs there just looked awful. How can I avoid this same mistake myself? What is the best way to package and transport fresh herbs for the day from my farm to the market, which is only 5min. away? I want my foods to be appealing and fresh, since I want people to buy them! I love to garden, I am looking forward to farming on a larger scale, but I do need to be able to make some money doing it. Suggestions? With herbs so fragile... how do you manage?

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Re: Some Thoughts on Selling Herbs at F.M.    (Posted Mon, Sep 26 '11 at 07:51 UTC)

I put mine in a 3x5 inch ziplock bag with a label on it. Keeps them fresh for days.

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Re: Some Thoughts on Selling Herbs at F.M.    (Posted Mon, Sep 26 '11 at 08:46 UTC)

You can download templates for Avery labels into your word processing program. Make one cell look spiffy with clip art, your logo, etc., and then copy the cells to the rest of the page. Print out a sample on a sheet of paper and compare to the label sheet. Caution: only try to print one label sheet at a time. If you design your labels to have a white space at the bottom, you can write in your herb name with a magic market as you bag them up.

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Re: Some Thoughts on Selling Herbs at F.M.    (Posted Tue, Sep 27 '11 at 04:57 UTC)

FYI herbs at farmers markets are generally not a great money maker. They probably make up 2% of my sales and basil is by far the best seller as long as you sell it cheaply.

If you sell herbs plants than you will sell very few fresh herbs later on in the year as the majority of you herb customers will have bought plants from you and will rarely need to buy fresh herbs from you later in the season.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
Re: Some Thoughts on Selling Herbs at F.M.    (Posted Sat, Oct 1 '11 at 02:03 UTC)

I do a couple things to keep my fresh cut herbs looking fresh at our farmer's market:
1. I cut them right before I head to the market after everything else is loaded into the car.
2. For things like oregano, mint, chives, etc, I treat them like flowers and put them in a vase with some water. For Basil, thyme, sage, etc, I keep it out of the direct sunlight and will sprits it with water occasionally.
3. Alway, always, always have some receipes on hand that you can share with customers. Maybe it is just my area, but I talk to a ton of people that say "oh, I don't know how to cook with fresh herbs." lol
4. I do sell quite a lot of herbs to area chefs. That has actually been very good for me.
I don't sell herb plants. I want them to keep coming to me rather then growing their own.
Good luck! I love growing the herbs and selling them

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Re: Some Thoughts on Selling Herbs at F.M.    (Posted Fri, Jul 13 '12 at 04:15 UTC)

We, sell at the Farmers Mkt. in New Braunfels, TX. We offer our herbs live and growing in our Herb Gro-Box's. This way the buyer can harvest what they want year round.

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Re: Some Thoughts on Selling Herbs at F.M.    (Posted Thu, May 30 '13 at 12:52 UTC)

Do you sell Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis)plants?

Robin J Brann
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