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Author Topic: Elderflower: obscure but amazing
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Elderflower: obscure but amazing    (Posted Thu, Dec 29 '11 at 01:40 UTC)

Elderflowers are in season from the end of May to the beginning of June and grow in most of Europe, northwest Africa and southwest Asia. They grow in a variety of conditions including both wet and dry fertile soils, though they primarily prefer sunny locations.

Elderflowers, the white flowers of the medicinal elderberry bush have been used in many things; pressed into tonics, brewed into wines and champagne, lightly battered and fried into fritters, or stirred into muffin or sponge cake mix for a light, sweet flavor.

Elderflowers have been used in traditional medicine and as flavorings for centuries. In folk medicine, the flowers have been used for their diuretic and laxative properties and as an astringent. Distilled elder flower water has been used as a scented vehicle for topical preparations and extracts are used to flavor foods, including alcoholic beverages.

If you want to try out some recipes, check this out:

Sure beats going to the doctor.
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