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Author Topic: question(more like 3)
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question(more like 3)    (Posted Wed, Aug 23 '06 at 01:40 UTC)

first off glad i found this place

ive been growing culinary/medicinal herbs fer some time now(my 3rd year now 4 pots tho im gonna likely loose one next year) and im kinda corious on good uses fer some of my plants

the list
chocolate mint speramint catnip pennyroyal
pineapple sage
holy cinnamon and lemon basil(3 varieties)
silver tyme
lavender cotton
german chammille
lemon verabena
lemon balm
a shugarplant/sweetner herb

i think there are acouple more ontop of it(i know the whole dont mix mints thing but kinda wanna have alittle calm where im usially pissed) some were baught later in the year the shugarplant and i thinik chamimille are both gone(youd think someone could take 5 minutes to care fer some plants just waterin them!!!!!)

the outher thing is i wanna both try to bring the pots inside (3 are clay--actually those 3 are specifically mine one i think is like 8" i think anouther is like 12" and the one i baught this year i know is 18" i can lift them individually the bigger isnt easy but i can do it) one can come here as it was last year(smallest) the outher 2 im thinkin of inside at my moms house and to inshure the plants stay good i was gonna make some terriums try to save them over the winter so my uncle can have some of them too(allways gotta save muney!!)

any comments or anythin??(and i allways type like this!!!)

 WV Lavender Hill
 Crab Orchard
Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Thu, Aug 24 '06 at 05:38 UTC)

You didn't mention where you live, so I don't know what kind of winter you have there.
Most of your plants should do ok outside for the winter, with exception of the sugar plant, lemon verbena, and the basils.
If you have a cool, not cold place to keep the plants inside with low light and low water, no fertilizer, you might be able to keep the verbena and sugar plant alive until spring. as far as the basils, even though most basils are realy pereinnials in warmer areas, most people in the colder regions, let them go to seed and save the seeds until next spring since basil seed is easy to germinate.
I hope that this has helped.... also sometimes pineapple sage does not make it well outside during the winter. the rest of your plants should be fine kept outside in the ground (not pots) during the winter.

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Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Thu, Aug 24 '06 at 05:53 UTC)

there in pots cant help that and location well not far from where they make miller and sprecher(midwest) ive had them outside the first year only the mint re-seeded last year i pilled the pot kinda-inside and explosion of mint but verry little else survived so yea i was thinkin maby they would if i brought them inside the shugarplant was killed by my mom (she works 7/70 aka every-outher week and i was here fer the week when i got back many of my plants were in bad shape so they got some water and were better the next day its not like 5 minutes is that much ta ask fer as i use my plants manily fer medicinal purpusasses)

fer the cool place would a basement work??(im gonna try above ground but once theyve gone to sleep maby put them in my tech-center)

like i said fer pots its all my mom wants fer her yard afraid to dig out a garden or somethin so i get to make due (which are better clay or that light weight stuff?? as in heepin stuff thru the winter)

 Grand Tower
Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Thu, Aug 31 '06 at 05:18 UTC)

Hello Round,

I grow several types of mints and herbs myself. I was reading through your post, thought I would respond to a couple of your questions.

Clay pots have a real tendency to dry plants quickly.Which means a little more watering. If you are going to grow herbs in clay pots, try adding a good natural compost. Many commercial potting soils have a lot of peat in them which dry out quickly.

I am assuming you live near zone 5. I live in the northern part of zone 6. Most herbs grow well in my area. Most of the plants that you mentioned are semi winter hardy. Stevia-sugar plant is originally from Paraguay, in South America, so this plant should have winter shelter.

I love to make a mint tea, add a little lemon juice and fresh honey. I also dry mint leaves to use in cooking. One of my favorite dishes to eat is mint-green beans. I add a little olive oil to a non-stick skillet, chop 1 clove of garlic and to skillet, saute a minute or two, I add 2 cups of fresh or frozen green beans, cook over a medium heat until tender, add in a little salt and pepper, then add in 1/2 teaspoon of dried mint leaves. It is really delicious.

Cinnamon basil makes a nice tea to drink when one has a cold.

I use many of the herbs that you mentioned to add to my natural bath products..

Anyway, I thought I would add my two cents worth..

Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Wed, Sep 6 '06 at 12:44 UTC)

the potting stuff we have here seems ta work pretty good fer clay and lightweight pots (my mom uses the light weight i use the clay) south-eastern wisconsin i think thats zone 5

like i said plannin on beringin some of each in fer winter hopin theyll save great fer nextyear just usin soil and 2 leter bottles tho the mint and little bit of cinnamon basil have nearly outgrown there containers i think theyll make it

mind my sakin how you dey the leaves?? (ill eighter do freezer in open container but dont work at all with a ziploc even if its open so usin closed with holes plastic storage container that they really just sit and dry-out in)

 Grand Tower
Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Wed, Sep 6 '06 at 05:10 UTC)

I usually gather the leaves after the dew has dried on the plants. Remove any leaves that are dark or may have insect bites, discard those. I cut about 3 or 4 inches down the stalk of mints, then put into bundles, wrap with a light weight cotton string, then hang upside down in a dry area away from sunlight. Sunlight will take away the color from most herbs.

On the basil I pick fresh leaves and put into a paper bag, let them air dry, be sure to give them a shake about every day, will keep them from sticking together. I find that drying herbs in paper bags keeps the moisture away, and they keep color and have a better self life.

I try to avoid storing my herbs in plastic, I like to use glass masons jars with lids. After herbs have completely dried. Be sure to label and date when storing. A good rule of thumb is 1 teaspoon dried her rehydrates to 2 teaspoons. A little goes a long way.

I use herbs alot while cooking. They give great flavor and help to cut down on salt, which is only good in moderation anyway.

I make herbed chicken and dumplings, I like parsley in scrambled eggs. Any roast I plan to cook always gets a rub of herbs. My favorite for rubs is sage, rosemary,thyme, and marjoram...

I love to chop fresh garlic chives and add to real butter, add a little garlic powder and serve on baked potatoes, or steamed veggies.

You most likely have your own favorite recipes for using herbs. The possibilities are endless..

Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Sun, Sep 10 '06 at 10:57 UTC)

gathering--would like 4 or 6 at night work?? as its when i get the chance more often then not im usially fairly picky with the ones im llikely to eat and not (fer cotton string would thread work or no??)

ill have ta try and find some cheap paper bags and try it (i have like 15 or so different types about 30 plants most are chocolate mint) see how it works fer me might be good mind my askin howlong it usially takes??

fer me plastic is cheap asnd we really dont have that many jars (do you seal them like you would jelly or no?) and i dsont have TONS of plants that im currentally harvesting from fer me its huge if i get 2-3 cups easch time i go out as i usially only get 10 leaves from a plant or so and the big container is currentally drying them out too but i can usially work with them durin drying an all

fer recepies actually unless im makin my own sauce fer spagitti or ravoli(i have some base recepie which is one can petite diced tomatoes drained from there whatever i feel like to any extent) not really no i dont have many but im hopin next year i can talk my uncle intop full culinary garden(plus mint!!) he allready has 2 plabnts that are currentally mine but theyll be his next year and i need ta do way more terriums or atleast start them so i can save my plants fer next year plus im gonna try to get the clay pots inside so maby i wont have to go buy many if any next year

hmm i wonder about pennyroyal as a bedding fer a flower garden?? or would chocolate mint work better?? (gonna try to talk my mom into letting me try full flowers next year get a part of her garden and yea)

also yeaterday while i was watering some plants i saw what looked like a mint plant(square stem leaves like chocolate mint) but the chocolate mint im usted ta has white flowers this had light purple (same size and shape as chocolate mints smelled kinda like a mint but not the chocolate mint sent im usted ta and wasnt spearamint cant pin what it is) if anyone knows peas do tell (as im corious if its worth gettin cuttings of fer next year or not) in a part shade area stem is really really thin but pretty sturdy

 the plant dude
 camb. sprs
Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Sun, Sep 24 '06 at 06:07 UTC)

I use small paper lunch bags to dry the herbs in and and i use them to store them in to they work great..just write on the out side what they are and put in a dry dark place for storage for me ..bags are cheap too.. :)

there are no weeds ,just missplaced herbs
Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Mon, Sep 25 '06 at 03:25 UTC)

ahh might not be so easy fer me tho as i really dont have many "safe" dark places to heep them at my moms house

 chagrin falls
Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Wed, Oct 11 '06 at 06:09 UTC)

Yep, I like paper bags for dry herbs too - lets them breathe and cheap. Otherwise freeze em in ice cube trays. Be sure to harvest about 10:00 AM for best flavor. The dew is dried by then and they are fresh and not dried out by the sunshine. For mint control, I don't like clay pots - those dry out too fast. I like to plant mints in the ground but keep them in check with some rocks or wood so they don't spread throughout the garden.

Re: question(more like 3)    (Posted Tue, Nov 7 '06 at 04:15 UTC)

ive fergotten bout here till i got the newsletter

anywho ill haveta get my pasw on some cheap trays how long would ya leave them in fer??--has plenty of outher stuff in too an all--

and i more use clay pots to plant them in i dont sink them or whatever so yea but of the plants i tryied to save only the non-catnip mints took

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