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Author Topic: Goji Berry germination
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  San Jose
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Goji Berry germination    (Posted Mon, Aug 28 '06 at 11:52 UTC)


I wanted to find out what the best method is to germinate Goji seeds with the Park Seed Bio-Dome.
I followed the instructions given by the dome, but this seems to be to much water for the seeds and they are growing mold.

I also used tap water, should I be using some distilled or drinking water?

Thanks for any feedback..


 Winterset, Iowa
Re: Goji Berry germination    (Posted Tue, Aug 29 '06 at 03:53 UTC)

The goji is subject to damp-off and this is one reason we have changed from using the bio dome to using the little sprouting cups. The bio dome is good, but you really have to be carful about them getting too wet.

How long ago did you ouder gojiseed from us? If it was before we began sending the new germination instructions, which was about last February, please let us know and we will send you the new germinating instructions. And if you need more seed, please let us know that too, there will be no charge.

You may e-mail us at


Beverly Wheeler
 San Jose
Re: Goji Berry germination    (Posted Tue, Aug 29 '06 at 04:30 UTC)


Thanks for your reply. I didn't purchase the seeds from your site, I ended up getting some berries and extracting them myself.
I was searching around and found this site with your information on how the Bio-Dome worked better than normal.
I've been searching around and what you're saying makes sense since some other sites also mention that well drained soil is a must, along with a temp. of 75 deg. F.

I'll give it another shot, without adding water in the tray of the Bio-dome and using a spray bottle to water them.

Thank you for your time.


Re: Goji Berry germination    (Posted Sun, Apr 29 '07 at 05:43 UTC)

i would love to grow goji's !how big will aplant get and how fast do they grow?they are very good for you,eat bags all the time.

Re: Goji Berry germination    (Posted Wed, Oct 1 '08 at 10:46 UTC)

I am considering buying goji seeds and trying to grow my own plants. I found some that are located at Has anyone bought from them before. Please let me know what you think or if you have bought from someone else and had good luck.

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