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Author Topic: Raspberry Leaves?
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Raspberry Leaves?    (Posted Thu, Nov 29 '07 at 02:33 UTC)

Does anyone know if the leaves from the fruiting rasperry plant can be used in teas?

I just purchased a home with raspberries growing in the yard, I love raspberry tea, but I usually buy dried raspberry in bulk at my local health food store to make it.

I am hoping that I can start drying my own, but am not sure if it is the same thing. Is the herbal raspberry plant different than the culinary fruiting one?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Raspberry Leaves?    (Posted Fri, Nov 30 '07 at 01:32 UTC)

They're the same plant, although you may want to check what time of year the leaves should be harvested. The quality may change drastically before flowering vs. after flowering.


Re: Raspberry Leaves?    (Posted Fri, Nov 30 '07 at 10:18 UTC)

Thanks for the info!

Re: Raspberry Leaves?    (Posted Wed, Jun 17 '09 at 03:37 UTC)

You want to make sure the raspberries have never been sprayed with chemicals, and that they are not growing next to a road, run off when it rains puts all the chemicals from cars, machinery, oil, orchard runoff, ect right into the soil the berries are growing in

Thats why I never buy from roadside stands.

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Re: Raspberry Leaves?    (Posted Thu, Jul 1 '10 at 02:06 UTC)

They are one and the same! You want to pick fresh new leaves in late spring/early summer. You can dehydrate them, or simply lay out on papertowels and let air dry. Very healthful for women and women who are breastfeeding.

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