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Author Topic: farm insurance in NJ
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  Oak Ridge
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farm insurance in NJ    (Posted Fri, Feb 27 '09 at 02:10 UTC)

Hi, hopefully someone can help. My husband and I own a small family farm in NJ and we would like to increase our profits by selling eggs and having more farm tours. We believe it would beneficial to have liability insurance. I contacted my homeowners/auto insurance co. and they tell me they do not sell farm insurance in NJ. I looked into getting it from another company, but they tell me I will have to cancel my homeowners with the other co. to go with them. They (farm family) quoted me a policy much higher for my home than the other co. plus I would lose my multi policy discount if I drop my homeowners from the co. I now have. Rates are high enough in NJ without losing discounts. Any suggestions?

Helen R
Re: farm insurance in NJ    (Posted Thu, Mar 26 '09 at 12:33 UTC)

Have you talked with NJ dept of Agriculture? That's where I'd start, or your county extension office. They might have some info.

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