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Author Topic: ClearSpan Animal Housing
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ClearSpan Animal Housing    (Posted Wed, Nov 30 '11 at 03:12 UTC)

Healthy Housing for Happy Goats or Sheep? Comfortable, Economical, Versatile!

ClearSpan cattle buildings are designed to protect your animals and increase your profits. Our livestock buildings provide an inviting atmosphere that cattle thrive in. The natural ventilation and sunlight cut down on moisture and bacteria, offering a healthy, fresher, cleaner, dryer environment ? one that promotes rapid weight gain and reduces the risk of disease and mortality. Our fabric covers, with sound dampening qualities, help keep your cattle stress-free.

Large Buildings;cs1_cattle_building.html

Small Buildings;ft1_tension_fabric_buildings;ft1_livestock_animal_housing.html

If you have interest contact me...

Kirk, Consultant or

Kirk, Grower Consultant
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