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Author Topic: Seed Catalogs
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Seed Catalogs    (Posted Fri, Feb 26 '10 at 12:42 UTC)

Somebody help meeee!!!
I am going to be moving, either to Ohio or Georgia. (I know, huge weather variance there.) But I need to get a seed catalog that will let me look at seeds by hardiness zone. That way, I would be able to see what would grow well in BOTH places and start now with what I can.

I currently live in KY, so that's sort of in the middle.

Has anyone found a site or catalog that can help me out? I especially want some heirloom varieties.

Thanks a heap.

Yep. I'm a rookie, a hard-working rookie!
Re: Seed Catalogs    (Posted Sun, Feb 28 '10 at 03:22 UTC)

Most will have zones for perennials. It doesn't mean much for annuals. What you need to know is the length of the growing season and how many days to maturity for the veggies. Here, with a growing season of about 110 to 120 days there are things I just can not grow though our long daylight hours in the summer helps many things mature a bit faster.

 nw organic
Re: Seed Catalogs    (Posted Mon, Jan 3 '11 at 06:37 UTC)

try seeds of change

Joyce Haines
Re: Seed Catalogs    (Posted Sat, Feb 19 '11 at 01:13 UTC)

 Paint Zoom
 New York
Re: Seed Catalogs    (Posted Tue, Apr 26 '11 at 02:28 UTC)

It's state laws intended to minimize the risk of importing pests which damage existing fruit farms/orchards.

tonyaenglisho potter
Re: Seed Catalogs    (Posted Tue, Apr 26 '11 at 04:15 UTC)

I don't know if they still do it, but back in the 1980s the Burpee seed catalog would mark varieties that were best suited for the region where the catalog had been sent with a bullseye.

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